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Time to beat: 7:37

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Thats looks frighteningly quick! He must have lost at least 4 or 5 second in traffic too!   Buddsy

Porsche Cayman GT4 - 7:40

Lexus LF-A - 7:38

Komo-Tex Exige  430 - 7:37 (with slowdown for traffic)

Nissan GT-R Spec V - 7:34.5


It's done pretty well! I wonder what the Exige 400 will manage ...

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The car is amazingly well planted, makes it look incredibly easy. 


I've always said that you should have your car set up for the ring by an expert who knows the course. This is what Komotec did:


  • Performance Kit EX430
  • Öhlins Fahrwerk 46mm Track testing stiffer Springrates
  • Ko-Bra Bremssystem VA&HA
  • Carbon Lightweight Parts
  • Braille Battery 1,2kg
  • Reverie Mulsanne Carbon Seats

How do you think Porsche &  Co. set their mark. 

If you have the choice between a Stairway to Heaven and a Highway to Hell don't forget the Nomex®!

Captain,  Lotus Airways. We fly lower! 

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Uh Wow just wow.  :unworthy:


Well the Exige 400 knows what to expect now... 


I'd like to see these guys have a go during the manufacturer test days. He lost a huge chunk of time in the traffic.


Also a very good pointer on the fact that Lotus is completely right with the 3Eleven, which would be at least as quick as this Komotec but with aero bits probably in the very low 7' and I do think very very low 7'.


So hum TBD when do we get to see you tackle the ring in your GTE-K?  :B)  

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Superb vid, That guy can pedal he never got out of shape once whilst sitting on the limit for most of the the lap.

A couple of things i noticed. He could have been faster if he had taken out the trinket tray divider.  :guitar:

And the smaller interior mirror was much better for viewing the video. I wonder what it was out of.  :unworthy:

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@ Bee

7:37 is BTG time (bridge to gantry) you need to add nearly 20 s.


It's impressing to see, that doesn't need to press the engine to the top, but it seems (or maybe is only a camera issue) that the front is pumping. 


Is this an adjustable Öhlins suspension kit?

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Quote Freejack...GT4's and the other's mentioned above are full-lap times...7.37 BTG (ok with traffic) is not such a record.

That said, if Sport Auto did 7.53 on a stock V6 I'm sure that Komo-tec Exige can go well under 7.40 full lap ... or better say "could have gone" now that they've put 200 and 250 kmh speed limit zones at the Ring

Yes that V6 has Ohlins as far as I know

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Bugger me, I think he's done that before!



Out for a Blat or on the Allotment

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