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mattthesparks lotus esprit

help required on my carb turbo dellortos

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Hi Guys help required does anyone live round the Sussex/ Surrey Kent way who knows about dellorto carburetors iv be told so many different things not sure what is the problem or correct. 


4 years ago I bought my carb turbo Stevens car with a rebuilt engine. And the guy told me he didn't know anything about the carbs just unbolted and 're bolted them back on after the rebuild, however I have had problems with over fueling and pops and bangs from day one.

Now sparky gave it a quick tune up and balanced the carbs and it ran better, however I have since discovered a cracked manifold and a hole in the exhaust but not before the MOT guy fiddled with it to pass emissions and never set it back. Now both been rectified but the carbs are now running worse! 


Recently someone told me that it's running too rich so I tuned it with an gas analyzer which was better but the poppping and jerking was still there, all jets have be cleaned and unblocked but still the popping is there. 


Someone last weeks said I had the o rings crushed on the carb connections to the engine so do I need them to slightly float? If so can someone come over and look to tell me what I'm loooking for and help me balance these carbs if thats also an issue.


Please Help Matt. 


I have also posted on the Stevens page please could you reply to the link to that page.

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