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Getting ready for engine managment

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Long time since I last posted on the forum but have been doing lots of work on my project over the last year.

If I can remember how to upload pictures I have quite a few to show the progress I've been making.

The engine and transmission are now complete and I've been busy making a temporary frame to mount it in ready for it to have its first ever run at the engine tuners.  

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Thanks for the comments. Hoping for anything above 500 to 600bhp.

The 6 speed box should give 70mph at around 2200rpm so hopefully it wont be too painful on fuel consumption.

I am struggling to add photos from photobucket as when I click the picture icon in the reply box it opens a dialogue box to insert the link in and I cant close the dialogue box. I hate this new fangled windows  

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  • Gold FFM

I would love to find out more about the engine and box you're using! Did a search, but didn't find anything and I'm sure many others on here are interested as well!


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I have made many mistakes in my life. Buying a multiple Lotus is not one of them.


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The chassis of the car has not had to be cut or modified in anyway. The engine sits on a new cross member which will increase the rigidity and the removable rear section (above the gearbox) has been modified.

The engine is a ford modular 4.6 litre  all aluminium quad cam 32valve as originally fitted to the cobra mustang in 1996.

Supercharger is an eaton m112 as fitted to the supercharged mustangs, range rovers and jaguars.

The engine is also the base unit as fitted to the Koenigsegg ccr but with twin  rotrex superchargers.

The low compression ratio of 8.5:1 make these a brilliant engine to either turbo or supercharging .

My objective when I started the project was to make an Esprit that could go very fast but well refined. These engines can produce silly bhp figures in excess of 1000bhp using the standard crankshaft. But driveability is an absolute for what I'm  trying to achieve.

The engine management features twin maps, launch control and variable traction control.

The transmission is a Porsche 986 6 speed transaxle which has 2 effects on how the car will drive. The original Renault gearbox was poor to say the least, they were never designed for the power and torque that the turbo esprit produces. Mine in particular you could never accelerate hard in first gear and hope to engage second just wouldn't go into second.

Secondly with a six speed gearbox top gear should give a high ratio and a very relaxed cruise on motorways.

Could go on forever about it lol

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    Sounds like a Fantastic set up and looks well planned out :thumbsup:

     Regarding the use of six speed box, yes I have to completely agree, the V8 in mine and the audi six

      speed gearbox just makes the esprit a proper GT car, rpm gauge at about  1600 rpm in 6th doing

     70mph then if you where on a "track" you just give it a little more throttle and it goes into hyper speed

      as if it was been blown along like a paper bag, so smooth and no resistance.

      It has to be the best motorway car I have ever driven !  

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Steering wheel getting closer to being finished, 


The wheel will control engine mode, traction control, launch control and other functions. It also contains a back-lite LCD display for engine speed,road speed, fuel level,engine temperature, gear selected and time.



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Just paste the whole youtube web address for the video from your browsers address bar or the one from the 'share' button. That's not a valid address (it's too short!). 

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