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Hello newbee with my first lotus éclat 1977

Tom tom

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Hi to everyone I've just recently got into lotus and decided to buy a éclat it's quiet nice cream leather needs a little bit of tlc bit generally a nice clean car,apart from some absolute bas***d stealing the badge on the left hand side of the boot!!! And the pass side skirt so I need to replace them as I can't even enjoy it looking like that,any way just thought I'd introduce my self will post some pics

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Welcome to TLF Tom :)

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Welcome to the forum.


Your car was previously owned by a chap who won a competition in one of the magazines (practical classics?) to have 3 point rear seatbelts fitted so he could use it with his kids. I believe Lotusbits did the install.


As as said above, the only place to get a sill cover will be Lotusbits in Warwickshire. Call them rather than email them as they are hopeless with emails.


The sunroof is non standard, and I have never seen one like it before with 2 sections.


The car was advertised on ebay by a chap in essex at a variety of prices. It looked to be a good car until the balljoint popped and caused some damage to a wheel and other parts.


I'm sure you will have fun with it. It had a caring owner before it was damaged, so you should have a head start.


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Hi dunc appreciate the post yes a pretty tidy car I must admit,do you no the chap who had it when it got featured?id be interested in talking with him to see what he had done and if he has any paper work for it also if he's still got the skirt wish full thinking I no. It you never no,if you do manage to talk to him I can be contacted on here or on my mob 07514782203.the sunroof looks like it's factory if it isn't then some one has done a very very good job looks like it's ment to be there :)

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Hi Tom,


I don't think I did know the owner (apologoes to him if he is reading this and I did...) I do recall fromt he text of the article that he had bought the car off ebay on a whim and been pleasantly surprised with its condition.


The pop up glass sunroof wont have been a lotus fitment (although some lotus dealers did fit them on request) two of mine have them also, but they are one piece glass units. They are not everyones cup of tea, but I find those two are much less gloomy inside than the other one that has a normal roof.


The side skirt is just a cover, it is not structural in any way -you can drive it without it fitted - I did for ages in my first eclat. What I would say is that whilst the sill cover is off - you should replace the front outer seat belt mounting plate, which is usually a crumbling mess on elite/eclat S1's.


Lotusbits make them in stainless steel, or if you have metal, a grinder and the ability to weld a nut onto a plate - you can make some yourself.


When fitting the sill cover, you might also find that a respray in the original Satin Black makes the car look much fresher. I did my front and rear bumpers, both sill covers and the side pillar mouldings. It remains the best result per £ spent job I ever did. Made the car look amazing.


If you want to enter your cars details on the register - ping me a mail at [email protected] and when I get a spare moment I will send you a registration sheet.


Good luck with your new toy - I'm sure you'll soon be bonding with it!

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Hi dunc I appreciate the message and advice the seat belt mounting point is very good on this car I am surprised of its overall condition,I will possibly reaping those bits to freshen it up however they ain't too bad thanks again tom

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Welcome to TLF Tom. :welcome:

Car looks very nice in the photos. Well done. :thumbup:

Any questions or issues with using the forums, feel free to ask one of us mods. We're here to help. :)

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Hi Tom

If you still have the car, PSB, if not disregard.

I was the owner of the car from 2007 until 2015 when it was involved in an aquaplaning accident that smashed the front NS wheel under the car and damaged the boot lid.  I spun it hit a kerb at 45 mph (hence the wheel) and then went backward into a hawthorn hedge at about 10 mph.  The car was an insurance write off, but if the chassis was un-bent (I'm guessing it probably is OK?) it would have been a simple repair; I took the money as I needed a working vehicle asap at the time.

I still have much of the history, the article from Classics Monthly where I had the rear seat belts sorted out and a load of spare parts including all new ally brightwork for the window surrounds and would be happy to give you the history and sell you the parts if you want them; I'm just having a garage clear out!

Hope the car is still going well?


Dave Warren


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