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I think my car is starting to develop allergies to racetracks or at least allergies to doing parade laps instead of real track days. One time at Road Atlanta, my car's clutch "threw out" its throw out bearing while I was giving lister Manny Perez a drive around the track. I was unable to select gears and had to limp back from the hairpin (turns 6 & 7) to the pits in second gear.

This New Year's Eve, my friend Michael did his first track day in his Elise at Sebring International Raceway. After doing some "spirited driving" at over 140 mph several times earlier that day, my car decided (again during parade laps) to refuse gear selection; once again forcing me to limp back to the pits in 2nd gear.

This time, however, the symptoms were a bit different. It felt as if it was a mechanical problem in the pedalbox. The pedal clutch wouldn't wouldn't always go all the way down to the floor to let the clutch disengage. It was almost as if something was interfering with the pedal itself. The pedal also felt "crunchy" at times.

Well driving home was fun that day. 130 miles from home at 6:00 pm on New Year's Eve with no clutch pedal and rev-matching in order to shift gears.

When I got home, I took out the clutch master cylinder (which is ALWAYS more difficult than the Service Notes makes you think courtesy of the ABS mounting bracket) and disassembled it. What I found was 5 needle-sharp shards of metal that used to be the return spring in a previous incarnation. Hmmm... So that was the "crunchy" feeling in the pedal?!? Every time I pressed the pedal in, my master cylinder was chewing up pieces of spring for breakfast. BTW If you've ever seen a spring break, it's quite an interesting site. It doesn't just snap like you would expect. The ends of the break are not clean like if they had been done by wire cutters. Instead the metal shears into sharp daggers that could do some real damage. Fearing that this shrapnel may have scored the inside of the cylinder bore, I thought it best to replace the entire master cylinder instead of just the spring.

JAE to the rescue! (As usual) Our friend, Jeff Robinson, overnited me a new clutch master and after some agonizing with the darn ABS mounting bracket...voil


KFM :)

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You can always sell me your car I love it, that was the esprit of my drams S4s yellow with black interior, and owned by some one with passion for the car.

Good to hear you fixed the problem nice to see that car working again

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