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I was playing with the exhaust valve button in the lf1 today, when you press it to open the actuator You can see through the rear grill doesn’t move and the exhaust has no change is this not a direct over ride button opening the valve all the time or does it just allow the flap to open when the throttles down? I thought the valve opened and shut in sport and race mode so does this button only change your exhaust in tour mode if so kind of pointless, or  do I have a fault 

I’ve ordered a 2bular exhaust for my lf1 as the standard one is boring so should get that soon and get it fitted which should hopefully make me happy

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Clarkson "That's a dirty, dirty noise!" /Clarkson  

Here's a few quick driveby videos, mindful to keep the car within the speed limit so no more than second gear. But it gives an idea

Thank you Chris!  Love that car - and I'm so glad the Carbon tips just finished off the rear so well.   Fitting of the exhaust is very straight forward. It bolts to the flange on the downpipe/flexy

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Interesting topic really, as I bought and fitted a 2Bular Valved Road exhaust this year, and it totally transforms my 350 Sport into something way more exciting sounding.

I knew I was going to be ruining my chances of trackdays with it specifically, but had hoped there are options.

The 2Bular road exhaust comes in 3 sections:-
1) The pipe from the downpipe section to the silencer
2) The silencer/backbox section
3) The tailpipes section from the backbox

I've emailed Jim to see if I can buy a track friendly #2 section. It seems logical in my head, but I don't make these systems for a living.
I feel like I could quite easily drop out #2 pre/post track days and it gives me the flexibility I want.

I've emailed once and followed up once with no reply yet.

Until Jim responds, does anyone know if what I'm suggesting is possible?


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I think it's these you need @GazzyFizzle. They should quieten it down quite a bit for the track days and easy to remove etc.

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Forgive me for sounding patronising, it’s not intended. But I think the logic is track exhaust for people who do trackdays or road exhaust for people who don’t. 

Jim doesn’t like valves in systems used on track, which appears logical given the number of people whose actuators and solenoids seem to fail. 

that said I’m pretty certain the add ons will work on the road system. 

or.... get yourself to Spa. They don’t care about noise there. I took my add on silencers all the way there and the marshalls just laughed at me when I asked if I should fit them 😃

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