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Exige v6 Pirelli Alternatives?

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P-Zero Corsas are usefully better in the wet than the Trofeo, which are fine until you get to very heavy rain and standing water where they are more likely to aquaplane. It has to be really chucking it down though in my experience. The sort of speed where you really ought to think about slowing down anyway!


If you're coming to the festival on 15th/16th the Avon motorsport guys will be there and can fit a full set of ZZRs for £965 inc VAT but they ask that you bring your wheels loose. I'll be bringing my trolley jack on Saturday then. ZZR is a very good tyre and hopefully slightly less prone to aquaplaning in torrential rain. I am reliably informed that they last usefully longer than Trofeos too. But I remain a big fan of the Trofeo tyre, I noticed that McLaren are fitting them to the 675LT (all £280k of it) but I'd like to give ZZRs a go to see how they compare.

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This year, both! Looking like the Exige on Saturday, taking the Esprit on Sunday. I'm only 5 more Lotus away from doing my own Craig David number!


Come on people, 22m views can't be wrong!


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