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s1 won't start and one relay gets hot

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Morning everyone


A mate of mine has an s1 that won't start, it turns over, the pump runs ive checked the usual stuff but it just wont go. The only thing different thing is that one of the relays gets hot 


iv'e got an 85 excel so it not as if i'm not used to a Lotus not starting. 


he's want to push it of the edge of the local cliff


Any ideas


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Which relay?

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Has it got any sparks?? That's always the first thing to check. All an engine needs to run is fuel, sparks at the right time, valves opening and closing at the right time and compression. So...take aout a plug, or get an old one, fit it to the plug lead, ensure the threaded bit is earthed and crank it over.

Is there a spark? Ideally a good fat crackly one.

If not...that's why it won't start. Fault find the ignition system.

If there is.....disconnect the fuel feed to the carbs and see if there is any trace of fuel. I would put the hose into an old jamjar or similar, turn on the ignition and check that fuel is pumping through. If there fuel in the tank? If the pump is making pumping noises, is the fuel filter blocked...

I assume the cambelt is intact....check the cam timing, they can slip teeth if loose. Engine at TDC on firning stroke for No.1 cylinder, check the timing marks on the cam pulleys point towards each other.

Once you've checked that lot and sorted out whatever is needed, it'll go.

Then you have to make it go PROPERLY...(!)

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