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Looking for some harness tips

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While driving my Elise Cup around the roads, I'm just getting used to the harnesses. This is our first car with harnesses and I'm sure they are going to make a difference when on track, however ...


when I got to the end of our road I had to undo them completely to look over my shoulder and check nothing was coming.


For some context, I'm 5'3" so I have the seat as far forward as it will go and obviously I'm perhaps a bit lower in the car than most of you.


So my question is, do you have any tips to help me see at junctions and any other hints that might make it easier with the harnesses?

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For me, the only real solution (but appreciate this may not be possible or deemed necessary) is to have inertia reel belts alongside for road usage. Otherwise, there will always be a time or situation where you won't be able to easily check your blindspot when changing lanes or at awkwardly angled junctions, without some form of compromise with the harness fitment.


Granted on some cars, it's less of an issue. On my R26.R, it was relatively easy as it has long doors and windows meaning you had good vision with a just glance over your shoulder. On the Elise, you're effectively presented with a view of the bulkhead.


In the S2 I had inertia reels as standard and fitted harnesses with the MSAR fitting kit that allows both to be fitted at the same time. I assume you've just got harnesses in the Cup, so this is a bit more of a work-up to achieve?


In which case, what you may find yourself getting the habit of, and this will only come with more time in the car, is being able to quickly slacken off a shoulder strap to allow you make the necessary safety checks, before tightening it again. I think this is pretty much the only option at present, though not ideal.

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What he said.....................


I'd only add that having tightened the shoulder straps lifting the release/adjustment thingy once does just slacken them off enough to allow better movement (though not ideal of course)


With regards to being able to quickly slacken a shoulder strap, something which again is not ideal but I find useful (if you have the Schroth harnesses with the red push button) a quick half push on the red button just releases the outside lap & shoulder belt allowing easier movement & then being "relatively" easy to clip just two back in without the need for further adjustment....

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