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Kimi re-signs with Ferrari for 2016


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glad to hear this.......

one of the only drivers left that are kinda old skool........good personality despite sounding like he hasn't got one......

Iliked him better when he drove for Lotus tho'.... :smoke:

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The Faster You Drive...The Slower You Age

(Albert Einstein  14 March 1879 - 18 April 1955)


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No one will ever compare to Senna.

You must NOT be unaware of the great Jimmy Clark and there is simply no comparison with the two. Clark won 54% of all the races he ever entered and a third of all the GPs he entered.

Jimmy was in a class by himself. Even Juan Manuel Fangio said Jimmy was the best ever.


Once, someone asked Dan Gurney if he was as fast as Jimmy and Gurney said, if you don't drive 10/10th on ever lap then Jimmy would beat you every time. He was the best and for those who weren't even born when he and Colin Chapman were at the top of the GP game everyone else was racing for second place missed something very special. 


This was the golden years for Lotus in GP racing.


AND, I am really surprised that Ferrari would make such a mistake but their (now) golden boy doesn't want any younger, much faster drivers on the team. Just look was happen to him when Red Bull signed Daniel Ricciardo who simply cleaned Vettel's clock and almost destroyed Vettel's ability to even drive a GP car. 


Kimi is simply too old and too conservative of a driver. Over rated IMHO from the get go. 






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