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Newbie with engine warning light


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Hi guys

Today I took my 2000 v8 gt out for a spin, pre journey I checked for any fluid leaks, checked the oil level and all was good. So I warned the car up to 80 degrees water temp and went for a drive.

As it was a hot day I kept a close eye on the water temp all was fine but then all of a sudden the engine Orange warning light came on. Car was driving fine with no issues.

I then pulled over and let the car cool down and turned her off for 15 mins and the light came back on.

So I drove home very carefully, the car gave me no signs of problems and there was no fluid leaks anywhere under the car.

Any advice please before I start sending ??

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I don't have the manual bit emm which covers the v8 electrical I believe.

If you wait about a while - a font of knowledge will appear.

No matter what you will want to buy an interface so you can get the details off your own car rather than send it to the garage every time....

Only here once

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That is really helpful thank you! Does anyone know who I would call out in the mean time until I can arrange the tools to do it my self.

Is this an aa man style job or do I need a specialist??

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Rac man gave me this reading

P1412 Wastegate Control - Boost Control Function

Anyone familiar with this code? Car appears to be running fine. Wondered if it's ok to drive before it goes to sgt on Wednesday?

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If you search for the code on here you'll get quite a few (17) results. Have a read through them mate :)

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Code likely means that boost controller not working or the red pipe is faulty, or, the fault my car had was that the wastegate capsule was busted. Get under the car just in front of the back wheel and you will see the turbo. (your posts suggest limited mechanical knowledge, so apologies if this sounds too simple). Google images will show you what the turbo looks like and there is a thing next to it the size of a tangerine with a rod sticking out of it with a little lever on the end. The rod is the size of a thin pen and if you pull it away from the tangerine sized thing (wastegate capsule) it should feel tightly sprung against being pulled. It requires quite an effort to move and should not be loose in any way. If totally stiff, or loose, or hanging off, you need new wastegate capsules. This is a regular fault and may well be present on both sides so check under the other side of the car. I would call Pete from PNM and get alloy replacements as the original parts are junk. The alloy replacements are the same price as the factory item and virtually never fail but if they do, they can be quickly and cheaply repaired unlike the factory parts which need complete replacement. Fittig wastegate capsules is another matter and requires a skilled bloke with the correct set up equipment.

The red pipe connects the turbos to the boost controller (Thing the size of a square black golf ball screwed to the bulkhead in the front of the engine bay just behind the driver's head (UK, RHD) If this falls off, you would know as your car would overboost and be quite incredibly powerful compared to usual. If this is the case, STOP before you snap something very expensive in the gearbox!

All this said, it is probably one or both wastegate capsules busted and will cost low hundreds to fix.

Hope this helps.

The OBD sockets, by the way, are located one in the boot just behind the relay box and the other in the passenger footwell. They look a lot like SCART sockets.

If you go on e-bay, you can buy a workshop and parts manual on CD ROM for a few quid. Included is the DTC list (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) including P1412

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John you are my new best friend thank you!!!!!


Will get under the car and let you know what I find, as the car is driving normally I would say that rules out one possibility.


The car is going to sgt in maidenhead on wednesday for a health check so its mainly a case of if im going to damage the car by using it or driving it the 30 miles to the garage.

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