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Having just bought my first v8 esprit I have been goinng over the car and its history.


I have seen that the car has had the cambelts replaced by morland jones in 2013, since then the car has done 500 miles.


I hear what the is the general consensus is about what should be done ie replace now next year etc.


I have read varying reports on what should be done, I dont want to risk the health of the car but I also dont want to spend or replace something that doesnt need doing?


Any advice welcome





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As you know, Ive had mine about 6 weeks now and have had my belts done about 4 weeks ago, my cambelts belts were changed 8k miles ago, however that was in 2006. Hence me getting them done asap but i did get them done as part of the deal in me buying the car. The garage who fitted them gave me a choice of 2 year belts or 4 year belts for about £30 more, its a no brainer really and obviouly opted for the 4 year ones. Im not sure on the mileage limit on the belts though, it might be 12k miles per year but im sure you will get the correct info from others on here who have more knowledge.

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Thanks Martin, the issue I have is I know its important to do preventative work when owning one of these machines but I also dont want to be paying for things unnecessarily (i have a mrs for that).


Hows the car going for you? have you owned a lotus before? Done many miles since you picked her up?  


I love the color the blue I was so close to buying one myself in that color! 

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Hi no this is my first Lotus and at the moment quite happy but the same as you im just waiting for something to break or stop me using it, Im doing my brakes next week, i intend getting some new Cats soon too. I will take it off of the road over winter and will renew all of the suspension (struts, springs and bushes) and give it a good overhaul. I will also look at the cooling system and turbo hoses over winter too, just in case they need tidting up. Ive done about 1k miles already.


Edited to add, I have just put an order in for some spare parts from Lotus through Bibs, there are some great savings to be had but obviously only if you actually need the bits. Its a bit like a woman in a handbag sale, she buys it not because she needs it but because it was such a bargain

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Thats a relief I am having the tension checked by SGT today so hopefully all will be well for another 18-24 months.  Anyone familiar with the guys at sgt and there skill set/pricing?


I am using them because they did the first few services on the car and a fairly local.

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