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s3 clutch slave cylinder

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from where would this beastie have originated ??was told a landy s3 early defender but the kit is not correct ,can you cut that re plastic hose at the fitting and push it back on?mines frozen solid in the cylinder thanks in advance  :unworthy:

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I always thought it was a series 2 landy. as for the Red hose I would doubt it if you could fit it back again.

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  Hi Steve


             Take the opertunity and get rid of the red hose, you can buy a new braided upgrade pipe from SJ sportscars,

               Probably one of the best upgrades you can do on an S3 as it gets rid of red pipe syndrome.


               Also worth taking the effort and getting his gearbox linkage upgrade kit at the same time, both easy to

               fit and I personally think they made a big difference to my car anyway.


            p.s red pipe will probably be to brittle or hard by now to push back on now :no


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Re: clutch pipe...alternatively you could use Barry K's method and hard pipe it with an expansion loop at the ends to allow for movement.

IIRC, he just fed it through the red pipe?

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The topic is a pretty old, but no need to create a new one.

I can confirm that a slave cylinder for a Landrover Serie 2/2a is OK but not plug'n play. The thread tap in the slave body is 3/8 UNF. The male union, on the car red hose, is 7/16 UNF.
You can use an adapter 7/16 to 3/8, re-tap the slave body on 7/16 UNF, or replace the male union. On my G-Turbo, the red hose has been replace by a 3/16' copper brake line. I just have to replace the male union, by a classical 3/8 UNC male union, common on all BMC cars (Minis for example). A new flare has to be done.

I can give you some references, far easier to find a part : Britpart 266694 ; TRW PJH124

Of course, you can buy it to SJsportscars, adaptator included, with the reference SJ082Q0007

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