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Your dream Lotus drive

The Pits

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Then that session is followed by an informal invitation at the Lotus factory in Hethel, to meet up with the old Guys who used to make the Stevens Esprits, and funnily enough, stumbleing over a not opened in years storage room. Click click, open and voila, chassis, Lotus branded AP's, complete engines and gearboxes and... the lot en masse.

Well, the manager says, "we don't need it any more, so if you want it, we'll be happy to ship it over to you, for your own use as you wish, and we need the space to make the new Esprit ready to go on the market in 2016".

I slowly walk around in that large room, drewling all over at the bare sight of all those unused possibilities.


"what's under those covers"? I politely ask.

Arh, it's just some cars, we don't use them any more. "Do you want us to ship those to you as well"?

"Sure", I reply and take a peek under one of the cloths.

ARGH!    I suppress a scream.

Then I use my most calm voice and reply:

"Nice Sport 300, sir".

"It goes with our former LeMans Esprits. So we'll ship those too, if you care. But we can start them up, so you can take a testdrive at our track, before we send them over to you", they reply.

"Yes, please", I reply.


Then I wake...


Got to go drown myself in a large cup of tea...



Nobody does it better... than Lotus.




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Nobody does it better - than Lotus ;)

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Yes! There was definitely a Sport 300 involved in the censored part of my fantasy! ;) Like you though when I find myself in a Sport 300, that's when I know I'm dreaming!  :X

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