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Replacement Fuel Tanks for an S1

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Has anyone ever sourced replacement fuel tanks that would fit an S1?

My passenger side tank pretty tired and is currently disconnected and the drivers side tank (the one with the fuel sender fitted) is not that good either.

The gauge only works when the tank is full (sender fault) and the screws will have to be drilled out to remove it.

Trouble is that the sender units are obsolete so even if I get it out I would have to rebuild it or get an alternative.

So has anyone come up with, know of or fitted an alternative to the original tanks perhaps in alloy or stainless with a sender unit that will work?

All the fuel hoses on my car are braded with Aeroquip couplings so ideally I need the tanks to have those or be modified to take them.

Any suggestions?

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Yeah im sure it can be done Steven but i would have thought that by now someone would have already done it with a bit of luck??????

No point in re-inventing the wheel if someone has already had tanks made up and surely someone must have ????

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When I had a problem with my tanks, I got the right side one out and took it to a friends house. There we dried it out and tourched it open. Then sand blasted the inside clean and then welded it back togther. The baffle was apain to do and the welding took about 2 hours with the sand blasting in between.

When we tested it with water for leaks we found a few pinholes and had at them with the torch as well.

Then I sprayed the outer tank witha few coats of rustproof paint and put it bakc in the car. In the process I got rid of the mat pad and replaced it with water proof foam.

I replaced all the lines and since I was a little suspicious of the left tank but decided not to pull it....I placed a filter at the output of the left tank. The filter connects to the new balance tube. A new filter off the right tank and new lines went in to the new solid state fuel pump.

From the pump I come up to a small clear glass filter (so I can monitor the clarity of the fuel, then it goes to a pressure regulator, then off to the carbs.

I change both the left tank flter and the main one periodically and the glass filter as I see its needed.

Way cheaper than new tanks.

Still, if I have a future problem, I think I'll go to a local shop and have then fab some stainless tanks.

My PO replaced the gauges will all VDO units so my sender is an older VDO that I should be able to replace if needed.

The original sender is a really simple device. if you can get it up you may be able to clean it well enough for it to start working again.

As for Gas......keep the tanks full at all times and that will limit the corrosion.


Dom Giangrasso

1977 S1 Esprit - Lagoon Blue

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Thanks for the info Dom sounds like you have done a good job there.

I did have a repair done on the tanks but im still a bit unhappy about them and i have heard about so many cars being burnt out that i get very touchy about the tanks :angry:

If i can find someone who produces stainless or alloy tanks then i think thats te way to go.

Does anyone know it tanks from a later car will fit?

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Guest Troy Halliday

I made two new tanks for my S3 out of SS and swore I would never do it again. It was a complete mission to cut, and complete mission to drill and a real pain in the arse to weld (so that it didn't leak). If I have to do the same agian next time I will get them fabricated from platic from one of the kit car suppliers. No worries about rusting then :lol:

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For my selfmade aluminium tanks I gave up my christmas holiday :huh:

The tanks consist of a folded jacket (2 parts welded together) and

an upper and lower cap with the connections for the petrol conduction.

To get them sealed I had to do many leak-tests :D

This nearly made me crazy ... :D


'76 lotus esprit s1 - monaco white ... '11 lotus evora na - aspen white Posted Image
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Tidy looking work there Wolf

Dont fancy doing a production run do you ? :D

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Yup - just had new alloy tanks fitted to my S3T by SJ Sportscars - so they still do them!

My old tanks were fine but I thought it worth it for peace of mind :)


"... the Lotus Turbo (Esprit) owner will not only be comfortable in fast company, but will find, more often than not, that he has no company at all!" Road and Track magazine

1983 Turbo Esprit - Silver - 'Lottie' Featured in Classic and Sportscar Aug 2008 and Wheeler Dealers.

1999 Elise - Norfolk Mustard - 'Liz' Daily driver - 221,000 miles and counting!

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Not exactly sure what you have there Lee?????... thats not a flux capacitor is it????

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Yes Gordon,

That would be the 8 gallon model of the flux capacitor! :lol:

Actually it is an ATL 'well cell' normally used in the spare tire area of a car. typically Rally cars.

The idea was to resolve a fuel tank leak, as I was going to run on Watkins Glen during the Lotus meet after the vintage races. So I ended up removing both tanks for weight savings and moving the weight forward where it belongs. the only drawback is the obvious lack of capacity. I certainly raised a few eyebrows @ the tech inspection, but the instructors, and Arnie Johnson(head of Lotus cars NA @ that time) agreed that the install would not be a safety issue. I may have a custom fuel cell made to increase capacity to approx. 12 gal.

Safety is a primary concern of mine, so I plan on incorporating a 'crush' area and a fire suppression system.

Cheers, Lee

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