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Gearbox/Clutch noise


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4 hours ago, Mark030358 said:

Irrespective of the fact they have changed the clutch once it still does not sound right from the video. If there is still a clutch problem then it is their responsibility to fix it, assuming you haven't over revved the engine or something like that. The comment "aggressive driving" is a joke unless they took ECU data. 

If you have a good dealer they can help a lot. I use Oakmere (near you) a lot, Paul et al are just brilliant IMHO. They got my clutch fixed on my old V6S (a few hundred miles on the clock) and will also push to get me a (second) replacement windscreen, as the replacement supplied showed the same faults after installation. Plus I would suggest you have a legal recourse if the car has a warranty. 

Good luck


HI Mark, cheers.

My point re them changing the clutch already is the warranty work for this issue has been OK'd in the past but not now.  I have had from Paul a new alternator that failed straight away, these thing can happen. 
The aggressive driving was in relation to hearing the noise.  I'd never use the launch control and don't go over 3k revs until oil (not water) is up to temp, owning Cossies, K-series Elise drills home mechanical and heat sympathy. 
From mine and others its obvious cars are being driven normally.
I also have a lot of time for Paul.  Andy originally said he'd bring it up at a technical meeting and seems to have a great reputation, but i think someone else near us had a bad experience with a different gearbox issue.

So far no one seems to of had a fix other than clutch change.  The problem has reduced a lot but then it started off very intermittently from new to then be able to reproduce at will.  So I have no confidence its gone long term
Most people, from what i can tell get rid off their cars. 



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18 hours ago, redlancer said:

Most people, from what i can tell get rid off their cars. 

I kept my V6S as it was only around 4 weeks old :rofl:.... but then chopped it in a bit later for the 380.

Anyway, good luck with getting it sorted.


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On 09/12/2018 at 16:35, Edinburgh 111s said:

Dan. Does it sound like this? 


thats from my car is 1st and second with the clutch out and low revs. 

Every V6 incl Evora sounds like this at low revs, when applying load on the drive train.  Just a trait of the gearbox .  

Used to drive me mad at first in the Evora S as I used it as a daily car so was quite often at low revs.   I had one hill on the way to client that the thing sounded like a tractor under load at lower revs 

Never really notice on Exiges as one is usually out for a spirited drive in said car ;)

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I have listened to a few of these videos and I am struggling to see how these are all release bearing issues.

Every car I owned until I was married was a manual.

I have always found a release bearing failure to sound noisy every time the clutch is engaged. At this time there is no axial load on the bearing from the plate fingers and the bearing is freewheeling. When you start to depress the clutch pedal, the bearing gets an axial load on it and most times quietens right down or hisses the entire time that the clutch is disengaged.

3,000 revs and aggressive driving being the cause is garbage. It is a release bearing. Sealed and prepacked with grease. It is only under load when the clutch is being pressed

It would be far more likely that a cheaper bearing was used or a bad batch.

Changing down? The bearing only speeds up rotationally as the clutch is re-engaged. This is what it is designed to do.

If a simple change of a release bearing is fixing it, I would suggest that the whole story is not being told to the customer.


All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

Opinions are like armpits. Everyone has them, some just stink more than others.

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Had to change mine this year and needed to change internals of the gearbox too. There are updated parts inside the gearbox which have been installed and on top of that: if you change the clutch you should definitely get the Clutch of the 410.

Works now perfectly. Had the same issue mentioned here. No more strange sounds now but I had to pay it as lotus refused the guarantee application due to track use. 

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3 hours ago, Christian H said:

I had to pay it as lotus refused the guarantee application due to track use. 

The user manual specifically mentions that you can use your Lotus on track so why did they refuse the warranty application? Overrev? 

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On 30/11/2018 at 12:48, redlancer said:

Hi Roger,

That's the noise. 
Hot or cold for me.  Before clutch change it was present in every change down with 3rd to 2nd loudest..  Post changeout only noticed in 3rd to 2nd and could get it 50% of the time from 3k revs braking and changing down.
Revs did make a difference and if I press the clutch down and back up again all ok.
Almost like the noise is something not releasing quick enough.

Re the spirited driving  after a charity track day it was still there and it appeared during my running in period.

When Lotus came and we went out, he was dropping/sidestepping the clutch on change saying that's how this can manifest itself, but this made it ok.  But there's no way i'd want to do that.

exigenoise.MOV 728.75 kB · 25 downloads


I have same issue. Few months ago I noticed when downshifting from 3rd to 2nd at revs above 3,000 a strange chirping / grinding noise. I spoke to Lotus at the time and was advised to get it looked at by dealer next service/opportunity. I have been out of the country so the car has not been used and the first chance to get it looked at was today. Current thought is that its a box issue rather than clutch related issue. As such dealer is seeking permission to remove box and investigate. The car is quite unique in that when it was 3 weeks old in 2016 it had a new clutch fitted at 250 miles use, i know clutch has been a common issue with s3 but think this one was out of ordinary. My Dad a retired mechanic of 30 years has always thought that the box was noisy and his thoughts were that this was 2nd gear syncro! This is the only Lotus I have owned that I have not tracked, its only covered 7,800 miles but only has 2 weeks warranty remaining so hope it can be sorted . Just interested if any known box issues. Have you had any progress with Lotus ?

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