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Elite 504 Retirement Project

peter russell

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Hi Peter, I have a red 504 too, although mine is more a box of bits than it is a car!!  4200 miles must be a record I thought mine was low at 36,000.

Anyway, I recently sent away for a heritage certificate from Lotus for my car and one of the details supplied was there were approx. 191 domestic spec. Elite S1 automatics made.  I think yours is the S2 though?

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It was so good to see my elite on film , as you said "It's Famous Now"  thank you Ant for it pointing out .

its also in the next "Classic Car Magazine" under the live cycle on the Lotus Elite, it's strange that I have had the car for 26 years  and now people seem to like these under rated cars . I think the reason is there are not many left .I haven't  got the Red 504  much further than drive it up and down the drive , it's now nearly ready for an MOT  but no rush, I just enjoy owning  these fine motor cars.  I will be going to Castle Comb in a week or so ,but I think we will be in my yellow  Evora for a change , hope to see you all there. Peter.


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Hello Charlie ,good to here of your 504 and hope it's all coming together ,and now it's more car than a box of bits .you advised me on how many Automatic Elites were made I wonder how many are now left ,well we now there is at leased Two !!!!  Mine is not a S2 as you mentioned  it looks that way because a previous owner put a later spooller on it .and S2 electric "Pop up Headlights" .one day we might be able to compare ?

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Great read Peter, thanks for sharing.

Interested to read that the rear wheel bearings only do 6k miles!

as I'm in the process of doing mine, I know what's involved - following Lotusbits advice and using HT grease.



Is the price for that bit in Yen or £?

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