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Another college shooting in the USA

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A sad statistic on the USA news - More people killed in schools this years than in the military. 31 vs 13 so far (it's sad I need to use the conditional phrase "so far" since there will be more)

Trump was at a recent NRA function basically partying it up with them.  His idea of arming school teachers is ludicrous (no offense to SpaceBalls the movie or Tesla cars).  The majority of teachers do not want any part in this Looney Tunes scheme (no offense to Warner Brothers either).  With his incompetence and lack of any morals, we will need to wait until he's out of office before any serious change of gun laws can be effective or Congress has the bollocks to move against him.  The good news is more women are going into office.  This should have some positive impact overall. This may eliminate some of the NDAs that narcissist millionaires/billionaires require because they believe that they can legally rape or sexually abuse women.

I hope the rest of the world realizes that Trump has told over 3,000 lies since taking office.  He will not apologize or admit he's wrong no matter what the circumstance.  Under these conditions, the USA and the rest of the world are truly worried about the next stupid move or crazy idea that's next.

I'm truly sorry that USA is setting a bad example for other more civilized countries.  We are no longer civilized since the White House continues to berate people (even ones that are dying of Brain Cancer) and get away with it.  Unlike this administration,  I CAN admit when I'm wrong.  They cannot do this one simple task since it would make them appear weak.

Just because someone's situation is hopeless, doesn't give them the right to destroy others lives.  Why can't they just take themselves out?




"I thought it was Lambo" -  Thank you very much and now it's time to educate the Exotic Less.

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17 hours ago, Loquacious Lew said:

We. are a nation at sea.  

Rudderless, captainless, lifeboatless (is that even a word?)

All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

Opinions are like armpits. Everyone has them, some just stink more than others.

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Yet another school shooting, this time in Nobelsville West Middle School, Indiana. While one female student critically injured, another student with a broken ankle and the teacher in the schooters class also being hit a couple of times, the gunman (gunboy) was taken down by their science teacher, also doubling as a sports teacher, quickly throwing a basketball and then quickly tackling the murderous student buy.

 I have a problem of understanding here, outside the sick American gunlaws.

Howcome all these boy students go insane and start shooting other people? They are sometimes not even grown ups, just teenagers?

If the USA wants this stopped, they ALSO need to look very carefully into themselves and the society they have created, not only wanting to change sick gun Laws. Apparently this particular shooting psycho teen boy was bullied and beaten at school by his classmates or other boys and girls. If indeed so, this must be a loud cry out for some very hard and serious restrictions and consequences for children who bully others.

The American president? Silence.


Because a chinese just stuffed his mouth with 500 millions. While he does indeed have a big mouth, 500 millions is enough to keep even him silenced. This is a disgrace.

You should all be much more insisting in changes for the better.

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill said "epidemic of violence sweeping across American schools has now come to Indiana." and "... we must brace ourselves for the reality that our schools and our children are under siege by an unspeakable wave of terror ...".

Well, to me at least, it seems as if the fear and terror is coming from your own teenage boys. Not some foreign armed forces.

Please dear americans, take care of your country. It's not the wild West any more.

This is in your own streets, your own schools, your own hometowns. Maybe YOUR son is buying a weapon right now, planing to kill a lot of people, just because he played too much video games or the girl next door thinks he's a jerk with a stupid attitude.

But seriously, what on Earth goes on inside all of these braindead zombie teen boys, who only scream kill, kill, kill?

I don't believe in poverty and low education being the root cause. There must be something else. Then What?

My hat's off to the fast acting teacher who nearly gave his own life to save others. I'd like to send him a thank you card. Jason Seaman has earned my deepest respect. Your president and every single politician certainly did not.

Kind regards,


Nobody does it better - than Lotus ;)

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