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Missing at high speed

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Hi Che, 

If the car has been sat outside there may be water in the spark plus wells causing a weak spark which becomes an issue when you are at higher revs as the fuel extinguishes the weak spark, thus you get a mis-fire. There are a number of threads on the forum relating to missing at speed so also check the other threads

That said I had a similar problem which turned out to be one of the HT leads had been trapped when the plenum was refitted, over time the lead got worse to the point of mis-fire, so check the leads, spark plugs. Don't run it too long or you may damage your 02 sensors and cat.

Good luck

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Thanks Steve,

    My initial diagnosis was the same as you mentioned. Sparkplug !  The car always in garage. I think the sparkplug needs to be changed or gapped. I bought 8 sparksplug today using the Denso iridium TT. I will try my luck replacing the plugs. 

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I dont have an Esprit....but on my Elan Ive had two instances of this

one was the Cam Angle Sensor.....

the second was the Coil Packs......

dont know if this helps or applies to the Esprit........but I think they're on both cars......even if they're completely different

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It might as simple as water in one of the (usually) LH-bank spark-plug wells.  If it is, you will not be the first who has experienced this . . .

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Bet you anything this is water in spark plug well 5 (front left), I get this every year. What will be interesting is how you can't get the plug lead off spark plug 5 because of corrosion. You have to fill the plug well with easing fluid, go out for the day and when you get back, the lead pops off. You then dry the well with paper towel and finally, compressed air. I change my plugs annually for this reason.

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