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Sportomotive Service have moved

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Forum friends and much respected independent Lotus specialist Sportomotive Service have recently moved from their Salisbury base to a new premises in Bournemouth. The old phone number "should" automatically divert to their present phone, but it may be worth updating your mobile with the new details below rather than relying on BT..

Cos and Dave still offer servicing, repairs and performance tuning to any Lotus model from the earliest Seven through to the latest V6 Exige and Evora via everything in between drawing on well over thirty years of Lotus experience.

The new address and contact details:

 Sportomotive Service
 Blue Roof Farm Industrial Estate
 Throop Road
 BH8 0DQ

01202 538868

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Good to know they are back up and running.  I had the Elsie serviced there on their last Salisbury day in July and Cos had just found the new premises.

Dave wasn't going to stay on when I spoke to him that day, has he changed his mind?

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Dave wasn't going to stay on when I spoke to him that day, has he changed his mind?

Must admit, I wrote Cos and Dave as an automatic action without actually checking. I've known them for about twenty years (Supersprint/Haydon/Sportomotive) and it's like saying Fish and Chips or Ernie and Bert:lol:

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The lease was up on the Salisbury base with no chance of renewal (the property was owned by an old chap who wanted to keep "car stuff" going on there which was stipulated in his Will and upheld by his  bereaved wife for many years, but I think she's now passed on and the remaining family wish to cash in).

I can only guess Dave thought that Bournemouth was too far a commute.

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Sadly i can't blame him, that area of Bournemouth is a total pain to get at from all directions! Not helped by the building of the castlepoint shopping centre . I'd hate that as a daily commute.

Dammit! It's gonna cost me more money each time I visit, if the Mrs takes me she's gonna want to go to the bloody shopping centre :cry:

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Just spotted this thread. I was at Esprit Engineering just south of Salisbury and the old Sportomotive place the other day. There's a chap called Dave doing some work on an old Ginetta there. Could it be that Geoff has taken him on?

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Interesting news, and as said great that Dave is back on the scene, surprised the thought didn't occur earlier.

I have never used EE before, so that leaves an interesting decision - stick with Sporto or head to EE?  I know Dave did all the work on my Elise, but not sure who out of Cos or Dave is best on the earlier Esprits?  Any thoughts?


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A heads up on what I did with the car.

It ended up with Geoff at Esprit Engineering. I contacted Cos who was very very very busy, then contacted Geoff who was only very very busy! So late April the car was expertly transported to Downton, with Geoff and team getting to work. Over the next few weeks they did a full carb service, full c service, repainted the wheels, reset all the tracking and geometry including taking care with wheel balancing and removing any 50-60 mph “vibration” through the steering, now it’s just beautiful road feedback all the way. They also did an ignition sort with new leads and coil. New fuel pump. New belt tensioner bearings.

In true classic car style as soon as I got the car home, I lost the brake lights. Initial “contortionist style”, in the footwell, switch replacement on its own  didn't work!? So when testing the circuit it was a break between fusebox and we go then...centre console out, back upside down in the footwell. I couldn't find anything “obvious” so I set about cleaning and reseating all the connectors I could see and reach, plus a clean and reseat of the main earth under the bonnet.

Back in the footwell with the ridiculously fragile brake pedal switch falling apart a couple of times during install. It’s surgeon like hands that are needed to be blindly fitting the switch to the top of the pedal box, fitting the spade pushing the pedal, getting the “no” from my assistant. In the end I strengthened the switch by strategically melting the two halves together with a soldering the end the correct position was achieved, lock nut engaged, spade connector on, brake lights working perfectly. This all took me way to long due to the usual life commitments and weather as my garage is storage only, but I got there at the end of July...!

last job was a day reacquainting myself with the external aesthetics...snow foam, 2 bucket, polish.....lovely.

I am simply in awe of what a driving experience this 40 year old car is now that it’s at it best. She runs perfectly, purrs, revs easily. It’s quick, OK not by ”modern standards”...but you can’t compare. This car, 40 years ago, would have been a weapon IMO. I was 15 in 1979 so not driving, but my Dad had his cars, an MGC GT in particular...that was quick...

What this car offers, is a driving experience that is alive! You can feel the cars “lightness” It tracks along the road communicating with you every step of the way. The engine is willing ...5K...6K rpm when you want (not too often...respect needed), brakes very well and controlled, handles beautifully. Thanks Colin....and thanks Geoff and Esprit Engineering, top team.

Anyways, enjoy your weekend all. The weather here in the SE UK is set to be dry and warm. Newlands corner beckons tomorrow morning so a trip to the Surrey Hills is on the cards. See you there if you are also going.





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