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Nordlock Washer vs Locking Plate

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Mine has the aerotight nuts and I was losing studs (still attached to the nuts...) all the time until I got the locking clips correctly applied..  Lotus hadn't bent very many of the clips, and they weren't close enough to the nuts to prevent them spinning.



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"Double" locking is required in order to prevent the nuts coming loose from the studs and to prevent the stuts coming out of the head with the nut still on.

think I will go for the Nordlock Washers (easier mounting, no fiddling with tabs), If they fail I always can switch back to the tabs.

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old school lesson of always tightening exhaust manifold bolts/nuts while hot, due to thermal expansion causing them to come loose.  i would think that would hold true most especially for Nordlock.

let us know how you fare



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I used nordlock washers on my. Havent had any issues.

Used them on my Volvo T5 in the past. They had a notorious problem with studs coming loose.

Nordlock are standards on large turbocharger nozzle rings. These you cant tightening when hot.


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Is it recommended to replace the studs when fitting the new stainless manifold? Would differential corrosion be a problem if the existing ones are left on?

And worst case scenario is it an engine out job if one shears?

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Funny this should come up.  My 2 year old Alunox manifold developed a blow last week, and i feared the worse, that a weld had gone.  jacked the car up yesterday and crawled under for a look.  Hey presto front port has one stud missing and one with the stud still in but the nut gone.  I used the Nordlock type nuts that came with the manifold but obviously didnt fasten them up tight enough.  Lesson leanred

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The (mine) Alunox Manifold came with Flange Nuts and no Nordlock Washers.

Flange Nut example:

Serrated hex flange nut.jpg

Nordlock Washer (1 washer is made of 2 parts) example:

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor nordlock

Ahh, I thought the flange nuts were nordlock, but now I see what you mean, might put nordlock washers on and see how I go.

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