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$$$ on offer for your old purge pump... a089m6105f

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the purge pump part no is a089m6105f but its available nowhere...does anyone have their old one they are willing to sell me as the only reason mine doesnt work is the carbon brushes are gone, if you have an old one laying about i can switch the carbon brushes...ill buy it off you.does anyone know what amperage the original Foredit purge pump needs?  otherwise i can try and source a new motor, the manual says the fuse is number 23, which corresponds to 2A but im not sure (unclear from diagrams) what else runs off the no23 fuse so not sure if getting a new 12V 1.5A-2A motor will blow the fuse... its such a simple motor too it should be easy to source its just making sure its the right size!  I know most people throw the purge pump and the solenoid (part no CAC3939 avail from jaguar) away but i like to keep it original and they did actually serve a useful function. 

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Just go on eBay or Maplin website and order yourself a new Como drill motor to match your old one (about £10).

I did mine a few months ago. Took about an hour including removing and refitting the thing.

There's a full write up on it on the Excel site here:


Not worth starting anything now...🍺

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Resolved!  They are everywhere on eBay, the Maplin part no ha87u corresponds to 719re385 the MFA part number and they are twenty bucks on eBay. Thanks you!!  We really need to work out a better way to present all this parts info, it's all in the forums but the hunting around a forum is very 1995, can we do an exploded car diagram point and click type thing I know a 3D graphic modeller/web programmer ...?

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Glad you got sorted!

I see you already have yours in bits so reassembly should be pretty obvious.

Just make sure that you locate the spindle properly into the fan and make sure the fan is pushed fully onto the spindle. A bit tricky as you can't really get to the fan. I used a rod to push on the end of the fan through the hose connection at the same time as pushing the motor against it. If it's a baggy fit you can add a TINY drop of glue to the end of the motor spindle. Too much and you'll glue the fan in place ?

Make sure you connect the wires so that the motor runs the right way to suck air out of the airbox and not reversed.

Use some Araldite type glue to close the casing, let it harden overnight and refit.

My motor now runs every time after a hot run. Not sure if there's any real benefit but at least I know it's doing what it should!

Not worth starting anything now...🍺

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I've fixed it but before I put it back 100% I tested it but I can't feel air being pulled or pushed anywhere.  I didn't glue the fan to the spindle and I think that's the issue, the torque rating on these Maplins is much higher and they also have a higher spin rate than the oem part. I think without glue the force is enough to make the motor shaft spin inside the fan blade hole given its just a pressure fit - I will glue it to the shaft and try again.  Luckily I had sealed the outer casing with duct tape and not glue!!!  I do not recommend sealing with glue you may need access again one day!

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