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trunnion bolt aarrggg!!!

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A simple job to replace the front trunnion bushes....oh no!

As usual the bolt had rusted in the steel bush, no problem i thought (i've done this before) saw down either side of the trunnion to cut the bolt out.

Whats this a hardened steel bolt!

7 blades in my recip saw and its out.....aargg what a job


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Same problem on my Esprit...used a thin wheel grinder to get mine off.

Q: the trunnions are good, and we're still well lubed and, importantly, original Stanpart items.

for about £20 a side, I could replace them, but do you have any opinion on the currently available trunnions vs apparently good originals, albeit with 75k on them?

ta, Dave

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On an old triumph herald - new trunnions make a huge difference - even when the one ones feel ok. 

Id replace, no questions, your esprit is probably a shade faster than my ol 13/60

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Only here once

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