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My S3 is popping - a lot


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I've recently noticed my 83 S3 NA is popping a lot more on closed throttle than it used to. Even to the point its popping when idle at traffic lights and occasionally its stalling if I dont keep blipping the throttle a little

If it does stall, its quite tricky to get started again.  This makes me think of fuel

any hints on what I should be looking for? I used to like the odd bit of poppage when lifting off through a tunnel :) but I'm wondering now if something is brewing - the car has been running flawlessly all year

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I had this too...


could be:

over fueling (believe it or not) with the pop being unburnt coming out the carbs.  might want to stick a regulator in to keep it at 4psi.

carb leak - are both carbs sitting on the inlet manifold okay - but not too tight as they can bend and then you get a leak at the site where they join.

air getting in the rocker cover top through the oil cap - a few pence on a new o ring solve's that...

balance the carbs - only takes one to be slightly richer...

more serious could be a valve not sitting right and then that'll effect all sort of things of which popping is a symptom.  Cylinfer leak test will find that out.


not a list of woe, i'm sure you'll find and fix easy.




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