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Red Bull Threats, Bad Decisions and Childish Attitude


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Frankly, I hated the way they treated Webber, favouring their German driver over him and the way they have conducted themselves in the past has been poor.

Damn right..........Vettel was like a spoilt child if it didnt focus on him........altho'  I think hes still like that but not having had the car then hes shut up for the moment

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I hate to see Red Bull go, as hundreds of very good employers and employers of suppliers will take the (only) hit, as they are the ones that lose their job and income!

But I agree with Kimbers, they acted as little childs the whole year already... ridiculous.

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More like spoilt brats who were throwing a tantrum in the supermarket aisle as mummy had said no to a bag of Cadbury Buttons.

Arrogant too - yes, they have shit loads of money from a high sugar high caffeine drink that costs pennies to make and they sell for a huge margin. They have so much money they behave like they are the King Pins and everyone needs to get on their knees before them and do as they say or else.

As said before, funny how they did not whinge at all when they were winning all the time. 

And what is this fascination the BBC has of over interviewing Horner every bloody F1 weekend and during the races - "Oh, and here's Horner with some boring drivel on why Red Bull are not at the front this weekend". Can we just cut it out please, or, I might go an watch it on Sky!

I'm with Kimbers. He can turn out the lights with pleasure. And I'll be right behind him locking the door!   Bye bye then.

And as for the employees, they'll quickly get jobs, as they are in the most part, dedicated, skilled craftspeople and engineers who will always be in demand. I wish them well.


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Of course, with all their Euros and a bit more forethought they could have designed and built an engine (I mean power unit) themselves. But then I guess they'd have no-one to blame if it wasn't very good.

As for Webber I disagree with the above comments. When Vettel arrived at RBR he outscored him every year and it just showed how average an F1 driver Webber really was, even in the best car:

2009: Webber 2 wins; Vettel 4 wins

2010: Webber 4 wins; Vettel 5 wins

2011: Webber 1 win; Vettel 11 wins

2012: Webber 2 wins; Vettel 5 wins

2013: Webber 0 wins; Vettel 13 wins

If that sort of record doesn't earn you preferential Number 1 status within the team, then what does?

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Bernie's sticking his oar in again with the suggestion of allowing cheaper engines to join the field as early as next year.

Whatever next? Watered race tracks, gold/silver/bronze medals, double points for the last race...

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