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V6 Coupe roof removal

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 Draper SEC33 33 Piece Security Bit Set. I got mine from eBay but available from machine mart £7.19 inc VAT

i also removed the "Danger of Death if you remove this roof" sticker. 


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Yup, I bought a security Torx set from the my local Halfords. Cant remember the price exactly - around £15 I think.

And yes, that's a suitably fun sucking sticker to reveal once the cover is off, isn't it? Cant remember the words exactly, but it featured "serious injury" and "death" I seem to recall. Its in the bin now...

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Thanks for that. I did buy a set made by Laser and none of them fitted and I thought it might have been a type of bolt made specially for Lotus. It looks like I just need a better quality??!! My sticker will be coming off too, I drove my S2 with a soft top on and lived to tell the tale.

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Look at this on eBay:

100 PC Chrome Vanadium Security Screwdriver Tamperproof Torx Hex Bit Set + Case 


cheap as chips - that'll sort it out

push come to shove - get a driver in there and snap off the security nib in the middle ...

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Halfords sell a suitable tool :) 

I've ordered the Draper SEC33 off ebay so hopefully will do the trick. I tried 2 different makes of torx security keys and the hole in the middle wasn't big enough and I didn't really want to break the pins off in case Lotus used it as an excuse to void any of the warranty.

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