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What battery for an Eclat?

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In working on my starting problem, a couple of comments have had me taking a look at the battery.  Right now, I've got the following battery, mounted lengthways in the engine bay from front to back:

  • Brand: Drivetec
  • Type: 085
  • CCA: 330
  • AH: 40
  • Terminals: T4F (Ford terminals, I believe)

Can't find much information on it so am guessing it's just a generic branded battery.  Is this enough for the Eclat or should I be looking for something bigger/stronger, and possibly mount it left to right in the engine bay?  Would also need to change terminal connectors on battery wires, but shouldn't be an issue.

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"085" is the model number. Google Yuasa 085 and you'll find one or equivalent. The CCA is the cranking current which is the oomph you get to start the engine. Higher=better and you can get 390, possibly more.

Go for the highest CCA and AH in a casing that fits (or is the same size) with the same terminal +/- layout. In your case it should -ve left and +ve right with the terminals nearest to you.


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Thanks - I was looking at that one.  Have got some Halfords vouchers right now so might go and see if they can order one for me.  Nice bit of cranking power there.

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