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Evora 400 Colors


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Wow. That actually looks much better than I thought it would. Quite striking really.

I came into this world screaming and covered in someone elses blood. I'll probably leave it in the same way. 

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7 hours ago, DAV1D said:

Sorry it's a really rushed job!!

20160225112907-3b687157 copy.jpg

That looks really cool. Ill admit that I hate the picture.... the angle gives the Evora a horrible presence.... the pictures taken at Geneva are much more flattering..... but the colour itself kinda suits the car.

I think I might have my decision!

By the way - I do have access to my own Photoshop Elements..... how easy would this colour swap be for me to do myself if I wanted to play around with colours this weekend?

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I agree Anthony  - Lotus' own pictures of their cars are really pretty poor I think. The car looks so low slung and purposeful in the flesh but they manage to make it look huge here

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James Martin (JayEmm)
Director of Photography & Car Enthusiast

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6 minutes ago, Colin G said:

Anyone taken any pics of the 'exclusive' fire red metallic 400 at Silverstone?

Still waiting for Silverstone to take some <_<

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