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things done to this eclat continue to baffle me...

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soo... why on earth would you take a cut off wheel to the top lip of the air vent plenum and slice it off in a wobbly line all the way around, then stick a rubber seal on it again..    dont get it. 

why would you use brown for every single wire that is replaced... which is rather a lot, not solder them, and wrap them in brown electrical tape..   browntastic. 

why would you make two new screw holes in the floor, for two press studs for the carpet that weren`t there originally, missing out the four that should be there, and already had holes in the floor, leaving the carpets loose. 

replace the lower grille, with an unsecured piece of metal, that blocks 80% of the air flow.

go to the trouble of fitting modern cooling fans, only to not actually bother securing them at more than one point.

im sure there are more.. and Im sure you guys have some too  ;) 

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love the brown first Elan +2 was the same......every wire was brown.......:ph34r:

I really really really enjoyed rewiring the whole car.......:rant:

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Hi to All,

In my elite their all red, I have traced every one of them and put labels on each, about 1/4 of the under dash harness is in red!!!!. Ahhhhhhh.

Why god knows why, I know I don't. Would have easy to get a spare harness and break it down.


to all John

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why swap chassis from another car only to paint over all the rust and gunk on the "new" chassis!

why fix a break in the fuel pump wiring with brown packing tape - underneath a leaking petrol tank

Some things are just left unanswered...

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Packing tape - numtpy - if he'd have used a cable tie with it he'd have been fine.

I had to wire a sump pump in a cellar once. plumber connected a hose to the sump pump and gaffer taped it on. Three weeks later the cellar flooded and a huge insurance claimed ensued. I've still got 33m2 of reclaimed dried out solid oak flooring in my cinema room that was ripped out of that one!!!! 

Only here once

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