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S4 on - reversing camera and screen

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That looks like a good use of space for a small monitor.  I wonder if the viewing angle would be bad looking down that low.


Or this...depending upon if the mirror mount could handle the extra weight:

If not could always be installed on a daily driver.  For my S4s I am thinking this would actually be a BETTER rear view mirror as the spoiler makes looking back worthless!  I suppose I could always strengthen the mount from within the header plinth by adding a metal piece  or extra fiberglass so as to distribute the extra weight load.


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Hello Paul

Ha, I've got one of those in my Convoy minibus, it works brilliantly. Actually they are black reflective when turned off and you can see behind quite well in them anyway.

The small monitor in the oddments bin viewing angle is fine by the way. Everyone who gets in the car asks what it is :detective:

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I tempted my Esprit V8 IS in bits...(sob)

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