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Hard top on or off?

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My Roadster came with a factory fitted hard top, which I whipped off earlier in the year (April I think). I was thinking about putting it back on now that we're well into autumn and winter is coming :( I drove my car into work this morning and two things struck me - firstly, driving a bright yellow sports car certainly brightens up a dull October day :) Secondly, it's actually quite snug in there under the (lined) soft top.

The car will spend most of the winter tucked up in the garage, only to venture out on the odd dry, crisp day and it would be a shame to miss a 'topless' opportunity. I think the soft top will remain on the car and the hard top will remain under the bed in the spare bedroom :thumbup:

Oops - wrong forum :blush:

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I would tend to agree, I've never seen the need for hard tops on convertibles. Nothing better than roof off on a crisp winter morning!

Mind I don't suffer the cold and don't have to drive it in unfavourable winter conditions.

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Put mine back on yesterday.

I use mine no matter what the weather, all year round and find it feels better with the hardtop on in winter.

If the weather stays like this though, it'll be coming off again soon...


' makes every other roadster look just a little bit cissy...'

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I suppose whether you go hard or soft top, it will make it look like a quite different car?

All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

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I'm going to get Lotus Silverstone to carry out the soft top conversion to my coupe but in the meantime was wondering whether anyone can point me in the direction of the correct tool to remove the hard top.

Also where's the best place to buy a soft top from, as presumably they can be found cheaper than Lotus charge?

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I assume it's the same soft top as fitted to the Roadster? If so, it's actually a really nice bit of kit with proper lining - far superior to the old soft tops you used to get on previous generation Elise's.

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Morning all. 

Confirming that the roof is indeed the roadster version with the lining. Very good quality compared to the soft tops of old. The 'conversion' itself is only the removal of the anti-tamper bolts holding the hardtop in place, and measuring and installing the rear strut support holes. The Exige automatically comes with the front soft top strut holes as they're fitted to the windscreen as standard. The rear ones however aren't included and need to be measured/installed. 

I personally recommend anyone/everyone to get it done. It adds a level of enjoyment to the Exige over and above the normal hardtop. Theres nothing quite like having the noise of that exhaust (which hopefully soon will be a 2bular!) and fresh air rushing past you. It's also a lot less squeaky ;) 

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I've tried and failed to get the rolled soft top behind the seats.  Two problems:

1) premium pack seats (with harness holes) effectively "fill" the gaps through which you would attempt to thread the rolled roof - this being even more bulky if you attempt to use the roof storage bag.  The "standard" seats (which I've never seen in the Exige V6) are narrower - improving access to the small stowage area, but problem "2" remains:

2) the shelf in the rear interior bulkhead moulding isn't wide enough to accommodate the roof.  In addition to the rear speaker housings, another chunk of space is lost to a boxed-in area that houses and protects the yaw sensor (required for DPM stability control functions).

With drivers seat moved fully forward, you might just manage to physically get the roof behind the seat - but you won't be pushing the seat back again whilst it's there.

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Don't Elise parts sell soft tops. You could also keep an eye out for a second hand hand one. I got one which is in almost perfect condition for £400. You can use an Elise s2 soft top or a VX one.

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