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Fuel pressure gauge fitting

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Fuel pump arrived. Shame I forgot to order a strainer at the same time, but that should be on its way now.

The service notes, they say that the system runs between 30.5 - 55psi, but they also state how testing should be carried out up to 61 psi. I thought I read that the pressure relief valve opens at 44psi (not sure about that, though), so what's going on there?

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that is the static pressure test in the EMH manual.

To do that test you have to remove the fuel return line from the fuel pressure regulator and block that port so the regulator can't release the pressure.  Then you connect the fuel return line to the pressure gauge with a special bleed valve.  Then you carefully adjust the bleed to attain 61 psi.  


So yea a totally different test.


If you are testing pressure with the normal fuel return line routing, and just have a gauge connected to the fuel pressure regulator schrader valve, then you'll see about 43psi at idle and then it should rise ~1:1 with boost pressure and not fall due to injector demand.



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