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Post 1993 door handle removal/replacement?

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Hi all,

Earlier this summer something went snap in the v8's door handle on the driver's side resulting in a flappy door handle. Now with winter approaching I've decided to take the door apart and check out what it was.

As suspected, the coil spring keeping the handle under tension had flown away into the depths of the door shell after one of the puny plastic ribs holding it in place gave out (white area in the red circle)..

My plan of action now is the following:

a) make a plastic dowel and glue it with epoxy where the original rib sat so that there's a lot more material holding the spring in place compared to the original setup which was just a tiny rib and the little dimple still remaining (circled in red).

b)remove handle, buy new one, spray it Calypso red.

If b) how do I go about removing the door handle? I can't quite find any guides for the later door handles.

From what I can tell, the only thing holding the "outer" portion of the handle to the door shell is the leaf circled in blue in the attached image. Am I right in my assumption? It didn't seem to want to budge, but then I didn't use force.

Any easy way to go about this? Also, has anyone else had the spring fail on them?


Cheers in advance!




Vanya Stanisavljevic '91 Esprit SE | '97 XK8

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Hi Vanya,

I've had mine off more times than I care to remember thanks to attempted break ins.

The leaf is indeed all that holds it in - get a flat bladed screwdriver under it vertically at the squared end and then tap the screwdriver horizontally to unlock it.  It is under a lot of tension and will fly when it lets go.

Then the door handly just falls out and you can review the fix on the bench.


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Short update. The handle came off rather undramatically per Simons instructions above.

My brother and I then looked in the junk drawer to find a little piece of stainless steel with the same outer diameter as the springs inner diameter. We then proceeded to cut it to size, as well as make a "dimple" in the side of it to accommodate the remaining pin/protrusion on the handle housing. This was then mounted using epoxy.

It seems to be holding.

So if you end up with a flappy door handle, this might be a good fix. The handle bracket is made of a very porous and I'm guessing brittle metal - zinc perhaps? Anyhow this might do the trick. I tried looking for a GM/Vauxhall part as many say its from a Calibra, but the bracket on those handles is nothing like the Lotus part.




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Vanya Stanisavljevic '91 Esprit SE | '97 XK8

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Hi Vanya ,is it still working? My spring on S4 has been missing for a while causing the handle to touch the body and chipping the paint.My sprayer has tried to sort a new handle using his contacts in Vauxhall,he got their part numbers but could not source them. If your fix is holding I will try it or I've thought of adapting a setscrew somehow.Otherwise secondhand part?

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fix is holding! *touch wood*

can't recall the dimensions unfortunately but you should be able to see the outline of that cylinder (or is it called a trunnion?) where it broke off once you remove the handle.


alternatively just buy any old spring like the original and make a solution to suit. Epoxy seems to be a good adhesive in this case.

Vanya Stanisavljevic '91 Esprit SE | '97 XK8

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