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Optima Yellow Top

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That sucks - FWIW I've had a yellow top in the S4s for three years and leave it for weeks at a time without running with no problems.

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I have had the same battery for 4 years now ,the car is often left for 20 days a time (i work away), i use a battery Optimate and the car starts llike it has a brand new battery fitted every time,"spins" the engine rather than just "turning" it over .Well worth the

Simplest things first.

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I had a battery loose a cell in under 2 years. Can't remember the make off hand but not a junker. Got it replaced under warranty, but the guy in the shop reckoned it was because I had not used the car regularly, causing the acid to settle out.

He recommended using a trickle charger, which as well as keeping the battery topped up agitates the fluid enough to stop this settling happening. Its been about 2 years now with the replacement, using a trickle charger when the car is not used regulalry, and no problems yet.

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I bought the battery on Dec 16 2005 and today it will not hold a charge.

I've had regular Interstate batteries last 5 years and the top of the line junker lasts barely 2 years...

Not impressed at all.



Red tops are the only way to go. spend the extra cash, it's well worth it. My red top has been in 2 cars before my Esprit. LOL, If I sell a car my red top is coming out of it! LOL...... Plus, go to Any of the motorcycle shops (i.e. Crossroads, East Coast Cycles or Philly Kawasaki [castor and aramingo]) and get yourself a Battery Tender. It will save you some headache.

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The Optima red top is very well regarded. They seem particularly well suited for vehicles which are used relatively infrequently.

For an everyday car an everyday battery should be fine though. IMO cheap batteries are never worth buying.

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