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1978 Elite timing belt replacement

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Hi Everyone,

The timing belt of my 1987 Esprit S3  turbo HCI was recently replaced and the guy who did it without pulling the engine out told me it had been quite a difficult job.

I am now considering replacing my 1978 Elite 503's timing belt.

How long do you think it takes to do this job and does it involve removing the bonnet, etc, pls ?


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From what I have picked up :

Does your 503 still have A/C? I believe this makes things trickier?

I would always suggest removal of Bonnet as it helps with access and I don't think it is a massive job, plus out of harms way!

Otherwise, other things might come into play like condition of cam sprockets and tensioner - do these need doing as well? removal of guard (if fitted).

I've yet to do this and it will be a very early task so any feedback will be received with interest.

Is the price for that bit in Yen or £?

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I've never done one on an esprit, but I can believe that it is a right pain given the limited access.

On the front engined car it is a relatively straightforward job if you follow the steps in the manual and if you are happy setting tension with the "twist test". A burrows gague is specified in the manual - I have never used one - just a twist of the belt to ensure its tight.

You might want to do the water pump whilst you are in?

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Reading the Esprit forums makes me think that I've been lucky so far since, apart from a very big headache due to a capricious RPM relay and a worn gearbox shaft

I've driven more than  60.000 miles so far without almost any problem.

I hope I will be as Lucky with the Elite...


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