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Esprit SE awwww yeaaa


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9 hours ago, Barrykearley said:

Steve - when it crunches - is it difficult to engage 1st and or reverse?? I'd be changing the red hose and bleeding the clutch fluid out as the first simple job to try. Especially if it's ok sometimes and not others.

@Barrykearley  It's not really crunchy at all now, i wonder if that was just due to having been used very little this year.  It's still a bit stiff to change gears but i put that down to being 25 years old, it feels like a bit of a wrangle compared to a modern bmws say, but actually even the drive home in the Esprit was phenomenal.  Absolutely loved it.  Wish it wasn't raining today so i could drive it again haha.  I'll do that job anyway, as you say a good simple job to do.

One thing i have noticed is the handbrake light stays on after folding it down, the seller told me you sometimes have to give the handbrake lever a few taps before the light goes out, he also said it doubles as the brake fluid lamp so i wonder if that needs doing. 

@Kim.Poulsen can't see that picture chappy, what is it?  I'm hoping it's a rather nice looking black esprit on its way to a port :)

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I looked for ages for a non red Esprit SE but in the end opted for one it does suit the car, to be honest I think the esprit can pull off any colour.

I had a diarrhea brown 1970 europa once resprayed it is JPS colours still looked nice and odd though.


Looks like a really nice car you have bought


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Kim congrats on the sale! How's it going with your Mutant SE? I'd love to help tinkering with that thing.... 

Vanya Stanisavljevic '91 Esprit SE | '97 XK8

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