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suggested spring compressor?

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hi guys, so it looks like my clunk culprit is a collapsed road spring.. its bunched up and curved almost touching the shock.

had a quick look on the search, and there are a couple of threads on removing the springs, but couldnt see any actual suggestions for a suitable compressor.. 

just wondering, does the old - "jack up lower arm, remove top shock nut, lower jack" trick not work here? im guessing the shock would rotate out on its lower pivot and the spring take your head off.. unless there was some trick to prevent that.






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Ratchet straps have been suggested before but not sure how successful that is. If the spring is bust compressing it might be difficult - your approach of jacking the shock and releasing the top bolt(s) might be the best approach - have you got a friend who you can get to release the jack :)

"Run away............"

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Is the price for that bit in Yen or £?

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I've used HD ratchet wraps successfully two or three times recently, either on the spring coils or wrapped around the lower link & upper chassis member to reinstall the assembly.

just make sure you have the jack under the lower arm when you release the tension.

good luck

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2 minutes ago, oilmagnet477 said:

 have you got a friend who you can get to release the jack :)

"Run away............"

"friend"  haha.. i have some really havy duty ratchet straps..  the kind they hold down tanks with...

if you have ever removed stock springs from a vintage mustang, you will know fear.

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Front spring or rear? The rears are quite simple since once the load is remove the spring is uncompressed. The fronts are more difficult since, with the body on there is little space and the spring compressor needs to go to the Max to compress it enough to get it apart. I used a pretty cheap compressor but I had my body off and won't fancy doing it with the body on...

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