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it will sound a bit lumpy - especially if you have reset the blm and stuff. Once relearned it should be much better

Only here once

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Update:- I fixed the turbo wastegate pipe using a reducing connector and two different pipe sizes so the problem doesn't happen again. I also fitted a new pair of Moroso coil packs at the same ti

At the same time as I discovered the split pipe, I also found the aftermost air filter housing U-bracket missing. I initially blamed myself for not tightening it up properly, however closer inspection

Right, here's the 217-427 IAC, which has just arrived. I'm not hopeful, because it looks to me like there's a three-angle pintle on it. If you look at the original IAC, it doesn't have that as far as

Yes, that could be the case, were it not for the fact that the engine was running fine with the original IAC valve. I only replaced it as part of my planned replacement of all the old sensors, not because it was giving any problems.

Be interesting to see if there are any other GM IAC's out there with an identical pintle profile as my original. But as long as it matches the seat where it contacts the inlet manifold, the pointy bit at the end matters not. Measuring the angles accurately is likely to be a difficult task, though.

Whatever, it works, and I now have a good spare in case of problems in the future.

Margate Exotics.

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