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Elise 220 Cup and a Bunch of Porsches - Silverstone International


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I managed to cock up the spot metering again on this one, guessing the central point was the dash not out the window. Also was testing the Mule dual mount, it seems sturdy and well designed, however there was a lot of shake introduced which I can only assume was caused by the new mount:

Google does not look to have processed 2.7k yet Jonny ;)

Started off with following a C4S who just pulled away each straight a bit, but once he let us go had some decent laps. The international circuit at Silverstone far better than i was expecting, the "link" section actually quite tricky with the very lumpy crest mid way.

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Good stuff Tom, I'm a huge fan of the 220 Cup as you know and agree that the International layout looks good, the best of the shorter versions.

My guess is that the shake is actually being picked up by the high frame rate. I shot some of my Silverstone video in 2.7k 50fps and it was very shaky. Like you I thought it was the mount but I put the footage back down to 25fps for the edit and it all but disappeared.


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I don't think it's the HFR, I used the same setup (rollbar mount) and 2.7k 60fps on my Bedford video that worked a treat. I will have a try as you suggest though, it may just be the straw that broke the back.

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That particular shake does look more mount related. 

Great video aside, Tom. I finally was able to drive a Cup 220 last week and really enjoyed myself. Very reminiscent of my S2 Exige. Lithe and willing to dart around with ease. Wish it had the same top-end manicness as the old 2ZZ though. That would have been a great trade of for not having the extra cylinders of its bigger brothers. 

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