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Dry weight of S4 motor


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I have wanted to know what our motors actually weigh. So before I put it back I weighed it today.

Without fluids but with the inlet and exhaust manifolds, flywheel, pressure plate and clutch, RH and LH mounting bracket arms, A/C and P/S bracket and waterpump it added up to 143kgs/315lbs.

Probably heavier than I expected and yet to add turbo, intercooler, starter, alternator, power steering pump, A/C compressor, oil and water.


Oh and that 143kgs was after subtracting the weights of the cradle and plank.

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GCSE Grade C for physics that i am, how does this work?

Is that another scales on the other end of the plank? If not then even if the set

i can see were zeroed with the plank resting on them, my thinking it that the scales

cannot be taking the whole weight if the other end of the plank is resting on something?

I tried this myself after the christmas excess. I stood on the bathroom scales feeling like

a big lardy tub of ale and chocolate, but wait!!!, if i just lightly put one little finger on the

bathroom sink then i lose half a stone!

This measurement method looks akin to me putting only one foot on the scales. If it's

a valid method then this might mean i'm not as fat as it would at first appear.

I'll try it, but there will be no pictures...


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Share on other sites putting only one foot on the scales...

And then the other foot on a second scales so there's no cheating. :lol:

I did use two scales and they were accurate when I checked using my own weight.

I have weighed cars using bathroom scales with levers pivoting on the floor at one end and the other end on the scales. The wheels are placed only part way in from the pivot on the floor say 10-30% calculated on a weight estimate. The main issue when using this method is for a roller system to eliminate any sideway friction for the lever/scales.


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