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Is it a Smiths blower? If so, I know the person who now owns all the Smiths tooling and designs, and produces replacements. I can ask him. A picture of the complete unit would help.

Brilliant Giorgio! That's a lead. A German automotive manufacturer, have been producing since 1956. THANK YOU VERY MUCH

I'm thinking that Woco made the housing for a German electrical parts supplier..? So it could be Bosch or OEM for Volkswagen, Audi or BMW. I will keep looking. Two you say? Ok, I'm up for the challeng

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On 12/12/2015 at 20:57, giorgio67 said:

Thanks Pete, I think these are the serial number?  

Is that a different number from yours, Giorgio? Just to confirm (I think that it is as serial number too by the way).

I tempted my Esprit V8 IS in bits...(sob)

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I had a look at some blower fan unit and after hours of search found nothing that can be fully compatible with the Esprit unit, so I ended searching for a new fan motor assy and found this

not precisely measured mine but from some sketch I have it seems really close to original motor/fan unit, maybe needs some bracket for proper fixing but not a great issue. Problem is that I need to fit two in the original Esprit case unit and this is a single speed fan motor so I will end with a unit with two motor running at the same speed ( more flowing for sure) and rotating in the same direction. What do you think about electrical connections problem etc..they will work in your opinion?

I will  take precise measurement of the original and I will update.




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I have no idea if this is the blower motor you are after but this has just popped up on ebay.

I think someone in this thread suggested the Elite motor was the same?


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It's getting there......

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Brilliant work by Giorgio - we now know what the early motors are off! Bosch/GM. I will post a link in the Esprit cross reference section. Giorgio said:


So, after a couple of years searching... I've finally found from which car they come. :)

As you can see in the first pic they are Bosch made and used on OPEL ASCONA B model, listed also for the Manta B cars.

There are still some un-matching infos on the web about that but the first pic show the exact model for the esprit assembly and it's for the Ascona B cars.

In the second pic you will see the KADETT C model, available new, but only the upper part is the same of the esprit, I need to investigate more about that to see if they can be mounted on the Esprit fan case.

In the third pic you will see the original Esprit assembly.

Really happy to found these infos, hope you will enjoy!

If you have some good contact for the Bosch or Opel vintage parts take a look to see what's available.







I tempted my Esprit V8 IS in bits...(sob)

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PS it dawned on me last night that of course...

Vauxhall Cavalier Mk 1, late 1975 - August 1981, which came out of the same factory as the Ascona B in Belgium — the first Vauxhall to be built abroad

Only cosmetic differences between the first Cavalier and the Ascona B, which would imply that the motors are the same. I can't find a definitive pic on the Internet but it looks promising as an alternative.

I tempted my Esprit V8 IS in bits...(sob)

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Ok guys, 

here the definitive..? answer to the question.

Searching for completed listings/sold items on ebay found this:

the original              OPEL PARTS N.  1808038

equivalent to          GM PARTS N.       9287031

as you can see in the pic the part is exactly the same of the Esprit S2-S2/2-S3 cars, but looking for a new unit I've found that on a OPEL PARTS WEBSITE the same Opel number is not matching with the GM part, as you can see in the screenshot attached. (9970168)

Maybe is just a later-different version or a revised item....

Only issue would be that one of the Esprit motor is rotating ACW, the other one is rotating CW, so I need to discover which one of the Opel ASCONA it is.

So, just a little bit of search to do, some mails and I will be able to put a definitive answer on this :P

Stay tuned for update.




Schermata 2017-11-07 alle 15.33.22.png

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Front suspension parts on S1-S2 were also Opel Ascona.

I would guess on one of the motors they simply reversed the connections at Lotus to make it run the other way. 

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