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Well here's and interesting one...

My friend just bought a '99 Azure Blue V8 here in the USA, South Florida. For some odd reason, the previous owner (who we don't know of, as the car was at an auction) disconnected the siren from the alarm. Why you ask, is because whenever he locks and sets the alarm with the key fob, after about 2 minutes, the blinkers and brake lights start flashing (28 times with about 5-10 second intervals....). They continue to do so for a couple of minutes and finally stop, which if I am correct, the alarm has a timeout after going off as to not kill the battery. Well he just though it was an electrical thing till I told him it was the alarm going off without the siren, and now of course his battery/alternator has also died. Any ideas???

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Sounds like one of the switches (doors, bonnet, boot) or alarm sensors is faulty and triggering it. There's a diagnostic connector in the passenger footwell which might tell you what is wrong if you take it to an alarm specificalist (it's a Cobra 6422).

At the very least there's no point arming the alarm if the siren's disconnected and it's just draining the battery. Lock the door with the keys and the immobilser will engage automatically after 30 seconds or so.

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