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The Donald.


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'BBC' and 'balance' are not words found in the same sentence, unless of course it also includes 'lack of'.

That said, having rubbed shoulders with a BBC reporter recently, it became clear at the outset that she was not remotely interested in supporting either side of the story, whatever that might have been, but simply whether the story was newsworthy, and whether she could 'sell' it. But when the item got to air, it also became clear that a slight 'spin' had been put on it, whether intentionally, or not. I imagine this kind of thing is prevalent in news reporting, as impartial as we would like them to be. Would a talking head on TV simply stating facts be as watchable? Maybe not.

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2 hours ago, Daniel said:

and savagely kicked to death...... by a pregnant gay Muslim woman and her Mexican lover.....

I know that website!

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I would not be surprised if he is not president in 1 years time possibly by the visit. Each dictate i mean executive order brings the end nearer.

Initially I thought he had mellowed once he won but the last few days have shown not.

Wonder what the odds are on impeachment or being murdered?

I really don't like the way he preaches hate it is one thing putting you country first another doing what he is doing.

Very interesting times we live.


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I haven`t posted here since Trump won. You missed my wise words obviously LOL . 

Many to the Left of Hillary (not difficult) like Michael Moore forecast a Trump win, so I was  "shocked but not surprised" .

Will he help those who need the most help ? Believe it when I see it ! 

Nah. Most heinously the abolition of compulsory health insurance will -literally - kill a lot of poor people unable to afford medical bills.  How very Christian.

 Much opinion seems to be that Trump`s a bit of a thicko when it comes to political manoeuvring and  the "brains" of the operation is  Steve Bannon, the National Security appointee and a far-right ideologue. Trump does give the impression that he will listen most to whoever was in the room last . Never thought I`d say this but maybe Piers Morgan (who constantly boasts of being his mate) can talk some (relative) sense into him.   

Under that theory the "Ban Muslims" move was to create a shock that would divert attention from other more important changes.

The other almost competing theory is that the rest of the Republican Party will allow Trump to enact the changes that will benefit their own (financial) interests such as further deregulation of the financial market then they`ll move against him

(and judging from the record so far he`ll give them plenty of opportunities to do so).

Talking of the Muslim ban, the elephant in the room is that the 9/11 terrorists were Saudi citizens. That`s right, you guessed it-Saudi citizens are not banned from entering the USA, nor citizens of the UAE  !  

Hillary`s gone very quiet while her erstwhile rival Senator Bernie Sanders is raising the roof. I`m hoping Trump screws up big time and we can get someone sane like Sanders who genuinely cares about the rust-belt working class, into power.    

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Hillary got over 2 million more individual votes than Trump so that`s one reason why many Americans are up in arms but I am not here to attack their electoral system

- same as I respect the Brexit result where similar arguments over legitimacy have raged (see another thread).

All I am really saying is that it is the strongest  evidence yet  for the theory that  you can offer people free unicorns with gold testicles and get elected because the right questions weren`t being asked-or the right questions were asked but he got away with just telling the admittedly smug complacent mediocracy to sod off. There is more than enough evidence from the guy`s own mouth that he doesn`t follow up what he says. However I agree that he has done so more in those crucial areas (ie kicking a hornet`s nest) than I would have expected.

 I just hope more policies are in fact aimed at improving life for those workers made unemployed by cheap imports. Making them pay for medical treatment won`t be the way to go.        

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Saudi and UAE  have not been put on the list yes i agree it is a tad strange, but during the crisis in Syria these countries did infact also block the imigration of Syrian and other muslim refugees as it had seen them as a major terrorist threat to their countries.  A wise move given the recent exploits of mass immigration from said areas moving into a free no borders  Europe. 

I hope and i expect Mrs May not to be affected to the publics reaction with the demonstration in London, as i feel that demonstration was by tree hugging leftys and students, neither of which have much grasp on the world and what a nasty effect can happen by not protecting your country no matter how it upsets a few people. 

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Very funny video Danny  :rofl:  He must mean that most Mexican immigrants must use  those small planes then that land on old disused air fields or this bloke has never to the USA and had to go through passport and visa control   :)  

Have seen some news feed today though that peed me off,  that bloody Lily Allen and few other muppets trying to ban the Trump visit to the United Kingdom,

Just who the hell do these people think they are, getting very sick of these so called celebs shouting out to loud,  And this is the same Lily Allen that took it upon herself a few months ago to say sorry to some refugee lad in the jungle camp at the side of the french port and the cheeky bugger said sorry on behalf of the british people !  

Speak for yourself Silly Allen , another one that lives on a 3.7 million pound estate and can be a million miles away from reality if she want to on her estate,  and stop doing it for the rest of us, because i for one do not share the same notion on the subject.  :rant:



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On 30 January 2017 at 08:49, Barrykearley said:

What we are missing on the BBC is balance. He has more support in the USA than is being reported and that's a fact 


Sorry to be a pest but, if it's not being reported, how do you know it's a fact?

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Trump's own posts on Twitter. :yes: 

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All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

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Maybe because it is being reported elsewhere but the BBC are ignoring it? Or because the BBC and other news channels have different agendas?

Loved last nights BBC news where they reported Trump had a stormy call with the Oz PM because the Oz PM was pissed off that Trump would not now allow in 1500 odd immigrants to the US that Oz would not let in to their own country.

Apparently its unreasonable for Trump to not accept someone dumping their problem on the US. Me, i just though hell yes, way to Trump. Trump for the win.

I mean. Trump gets lambasted for stopping people travelling and the Oz PM is a nice guy despite putting immigrants in a detention camp on a remote Island and paying boat owners to turn around and take asylum seekers somewhere else. Anywhere else. And we think there is no biased agenda?

Lol....  all world leaders do unsavoury stuff. Difference with Trump is he tweets and tells everyone about it. Doh...

Alcohol. Sex. Tobacco. Drugs. Chocolate.  Meh! NOTHING in this world is as addictive as an Evora +0. It's not for babies!    

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