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No More Pulling On Braking

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Hi Everyone

My Lotus S4s is now braking straight once again after a few jobs done to eliminate the problem.

From my last post with the brakes pulling to the left I had been given advice what to check and I did those. But the fault was still there.

This is what was done in stages and eliminated one by one to solve the car pulling to the LEFT when braking hard.

1) Brake fluid was flushed and bled whole system ( no fix )

2) Went over to Jim Knowles ( Lotus4s ) and check all brake solenoids using tech 1 tool no fault found. Suggested brake lines may be suspect. 

3) All brake lines front and rear replaced with braided type and bled whole system. ( no fix )

4) Changed all brake pads with new EBC Red clean and grease all moving parts in that area. ( no fix )

5) Removed front right Brembo caliper and replace all seals and once again bleed the front system. ( no fix )

6) Decided to change all suspension bushes front and back and also change front shocks with SPAX Adjustables. test drove the car and pull gone away, stops dead straight.

It seems whatever the cause was it has fixed my serious problem in the end. It was related to suspension/shocks and now pleased it is done.

Since then I have replaced the Rear shocks Spax adjustables and got the car aligned by a pro to set for lotus geometry and all is well.

I have noticed that the ride height at the the front is about 2" gap on the top of both wheel arch and tire. But the rear is sitting much lower like 3/4" on the top of both wheel arch and tire.

I do not have the adjusting tool and not sure how to adjust the shocks for the height to raise or lower them. PS When the shocks were fitted the locking rings were set to the lowest position.

I have set the settings to 5 clicks on all 4 shocks. The ride seems ok but do feel the ruts on the roads.

Where do I get this tool, what type and how do I adjust this? I will have a go if I had some suggestions as to how to do it.

On the second note I want to change my rotors and the kit I am thinking of getting after reading some post and what others have used are as follows. Not looking for big brake upgrade but new rotors using my existing brembo brake system.

This will be from PNM Engineering.

Front 323mm Slotted Part # PNM0938G with fitting kit.

Rear 321mm Slotted Part # PNM0932G with fitting kit.

Not sure what Brake pads I should use for this. I am used to EBC Red which seem to work great for my driving conditions. Hawk is mentioned on some posts so not sure which to go for this time.

PS my EBC brake pads are brand new as were fitted less than 500 miles ago, but I understand if changing rotors then pads should be new as well.

Any input will be greatly appreciated as always. 










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Just in case others read this thread for a brake pull, I had a similar issue with my S4s when I first bought it and a complete brake bleed (all old fluid gone) corrected the issue. This involved going through the whole complete bleed process as per the manual. This was a scary pull that almost made the car change lanes. Brake fluid was black when I bought the car.

Sounds though in this instance the alignment was off for some reason (and was corrected when the shocks were replaced) if none of the bushes were noticeably worn/damaged? Did you see anything upon removal of the bushes that indicated one of them could have been the culprit?




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