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New Shocks fitted

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Hi everyone

I have Spax adjustable front and rear shocks fitted with existing springs. The front is adjusted to the lowest setting and wheel arch gap looks higher. I read somewhere that I will need to change the front springs to be able to lower it then adjust the ride height to spec.

Eibach 8" springs are mentioned for this. Does anyone know the exact part number so I order the correct one. The one I found is 8" 2.5" inside diameter 300 lbs. Is that the correct one for the 95 Esprit S4s?

Now do I also need to change the back springs as they also have the old springs in use. If so what would the spec for the springs on the rears.

While under the car I noticed my power steering belt adjusting thingy and the bolt to the power steering unit have all gone missing. The unit is still held tight with the other bolts and has not come loose on the belt.

Is that a standard part or lotus specific cause from the parts list it looks unique in design. I will need all 3 items the bolt, the adjuster bit and the adjuster nut. 

Can anyone help on this or I call Lotus dealer for the part.

Thanks again for your help as always.


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I liked the SPAX with the Lotus original springs (ride feel, comfort, firmness, all that, with the SPAX on the firmest setting... well 2 clicks softer in front), I did have the problem with the front being too high, due to the SPAX not allowing the front suspension to go any lower...  This is much worse by using larger wheels, like the Espri V8 wheels, since those are 1"larger diameter...

Some people have said that you can remove one of the locking rings to go a few mm lower, or remove a rubber cushion, and get back to normal height in the front.

I have 8"x300 lbf/in front springs now, with JRZ adjustable suspension, and I could adjust it so low that I wouldn't be able to drive the car at all.  I actually had to adjust the 8"x 300lb springs upward over an ~1.5" to get to a normal ride height...  To do that adds pre-load in the spring, which is not really desirable.   SO an 8" might be too short.  Also a 2.5" spring is a little small for the SPAX spring perches, they are designed for the original springs.

Also, if you change the front spring, then the rear spring will not match...  And the car can bounce front to rear.

Try looking at removing anything removable to get the ride height lower.


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