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Plans for the Christmas week


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So all you out there doing bits and prices to your Eclats and elites over Christmas.... Since my parts have not arrived from SJ sportscars (ordered in mid Dec) this means I cannot be my wheels on and my inferior finished or my engine bay finally stripped down. Still I may get my gearbox trial fitted.


What other updates can I look forward to?

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Nothing too exciting from me between Christmas and New Year. Probably some escapades with me doing something to the car, which invariably breaks it, meaning I have to fix it again!

If I get the motivation, I might see if the centre console can be teased out. The ventilation system only blows out hot air and I want to try and work out which bit of it isn't working. I remember trying that previously though and not getting very far.

Oh, and I am going to continue the quest for marginally decent tyres in a 205/60R14 size.

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Ok, so I don't have an Éclat or Elite but I am doing some work over Christmas!

My interior is currently stripped out so I'm taking the opportunity to sort out some lacquer peel around the screen header rail and a pillars while everything is removed. Even though I'm working in the garage, the mild weather is my friend as I plan to do some paintwork this week!

Not worth starting anything now...🍺

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