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LED numberplate lights

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Has anyone replaced their numberplate lights with LEDs yet?

I was planning on doing mine, but wasn't sure of the best way of removing them from the clam without damage. I've read that they are a little difficult to remove/replace... 

Also, any idea what length of C5w festoon LEDs I need? I've got a pair of 38mm festoons in the garage and was hoping they would do the trick!

Any pointers/tricks would be great? 


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Well I gave it a try tonight and bingo. All done! Don't know where I read that it was difficult... it was easy and the results in my opinion are great. I now have crisp white LED rear plate lights and interior lights. 

Great little mod in my opinion. I don't understand why all modern cars lamps aren't LEDS these days! 

If anyone is interested, I used 38mm C5W 3 SMD festoon canbus LEDS from Fizzmodo on eBay for £3.50. Slightly shorter ones would be better, but these still work a treat. 

To remove the lamp holders from the rear clam I used a microfiber cloth and a small flat blade screwdriver. Firstly layng the microfiber next to the outer edge of the lamp holder and then wedging the screwdriver under the cover and levering against the microfiber, enough to allow me to pull it up and out with my fingers. Very self explanatory from there really. To replace simply fit new LED lamp, line plastic lens holes up with cover prongs and push down until ithe metal spring clips click into place - easy! :D

Happy upgrading!

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I've just done this too!

I found that the LHS holder can be pushed out from under the rear bar. I got the RHS out by getting screwdriver (with cloth) between lens cover and surround, and then prising upwards.

I only could get some 6 smd ones, so they're kinda bright :)

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Waiting for the correct bulbs to show up.

Haven't actually got my car back from having the roof painted yet, so unsure as to which bulbs would be needed for the indicators.

Pretty sure there must be some compatible by now.

' makes every other roadster look just a little bit cissy...'

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Aren't LED's an issue if used in brake lights or indicators as their resistance is different to normal bulbs and the flasher on the indicators and the computery bits attached to the brake lights and ABS etc react differently if the resistances are messed about with?

I think I read that somewhere?

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Just done mine.

Dead simple - the lens actually presses in a bit to enable a finger to lift the plastic cover slightly.

I then slid in a flat screwdriver wrapped in a cloth and popped the surround off.


The indicator bulb is just a push in blade fitting, so will look into those.

' makes every other roadster look just a little bit cissy...'

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