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its maby a big price, but car has still orginal Paint, looks very good, low mileage, and its a Rare S2.2..


i think the right men will buy this car, how is looking for a car in this great condition,

also when it cost around the 52.000 euro,-

i have soon also a S2 LHD. for sale, that price will be around 40.000 euro,

i am the 3th owner, and the car has been complete restored, to orginal, and also the orginal seats and leather!

been off the road since 1983!!!!!!!


i will see what happens,

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Lovely car, and it seems to be in good condition interior and exterior. I wonder how its mechanical condition is technically? Often low mileage cars suffer from al sorts of mechanical gremlins that are being solved ones they get used on a regular basis. No pictures of the engine.

Giorgio, for what it is worth, how do they know it is  number 88 of 88 produced S2.2 ? I thought even Lotus isn't entirely sure about the exact number of S2.2 produced?

Mine must be an early 1980 S2.2, but I never tried to trace how early. Since S2.2 are rare cars but not exactly numbered, I do not think it really matters anyway..



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IMO price looks extremely inflated!

RHD in the UK would have probably gone for around £20k give or take.

Prices might be climbing slowly but if Paul Matty is selling a red Turbo for under £11k (although apparently cosmetically a bit rough) then I think that puts pay to some of the massive asking prices that some people have advertised the esprit for.


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Not sure why rarity = good? If it was the pinnacle of the car, they'd have made more of them! :lol:

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Evora NA

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In my opinion S2.2 have some special point to play.  it has the S2 pure design with a bonus of slightly improving and galvanised chassis and 2.2 liter engine. It's a transiction model but the later S3 IMHO is not as good speaking of design. It's has been also build in very few units, so it's not the pinnacle of the Esprit but the very special one! :)

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If the best esprit is also the most valuable, then we are done talking . Most of us agree that the later evolution of the esprit was always better then the one before, so regarding the 4 pots, the GT3 or S4S would be worth most.

But the ESPRIT became a classic car ( and it should be) and that changes a lot regarding value. Marketrules become different. We can't judge our ESPRITS as second hand toy cars any more.

Look at the S1 prices. Don't we all agree that the S1 is probably the less reliable, less comfortable (room)/noise, less powerfull , but still it attracts  the highest interest in the classic car world with price setting accordingly.

An SE or even a turboesprit was in its time more expensive then the S1 before. Still that does not reflect on the prices now .

Why is a JPS wanted and worth more then the others? Technically it is an S2 with black and gold interior and exterior trim, but it is numbered and wanted because the relationship of Lotus to F1 in its time.

So in that light, where do we position the S2.2 ( as a classic lotus esprit) ? I find that difficult myself as an S2.2 owner.

Giorgio stated some points :

It has things in its favour:

1. It is a classic giugiaro with the original elegant lines of the silver car. (without rear spoilers,sideskirts, wrap around bumpers)

2. it was the first to use the 2.2l engine

3. it was the first to use a complete galvanised chassis

4. it is the last to use the chapman strut (although technically this was not chapmans best choise for a production car)

5.The beautifull lotus speedlines add in its classical looks. ( BBS and wolfrace are great but have that aftermarket stamp on them)

6 .It is a rare, really rare car of already a rare breed (esprits I mean). This can be important to the classic car market. Maybe too rare for  people to know or care?

From the very beginning it was overshadowed by the introduction of the essex turbo's. But look at these prices now.

It has the disadvantage of not being overly extravert in its looks in and out ( as the JPS and the Essex do) I remember 2013 Brands Hatch, The esprit timeline. I stood between the JPS and the Essex :P


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Good points here.

As you know I'm restoring a S2.2, it's the penultimate built, chassis 993G.

I don't know if once finished and finaly enjoyed I will keep or sale it but without consider the market value I would not sale for less of what I've spent restoring it. Seems to recall that a Orange S1 restored by SJ time ago was billed at 60K?

Well, I'm doing a 16-18K bodywork job, I have a new chassis every part on my car is new, upgaraded engine new full leather interior and always used original Lotus parts, my bill for spares only in now near at 15.000 Euros and frankly I've stop counting for heart safe...At the end if you want a prefect car you will need to pay for it, there is a big difference in my opinion between a good mainteined driveble car and a better than new car. That  said, the car listed above is  (seeing conditions) a little bit overpriced. put this car on a pit and we will see if the price requested is worth.

I doubt it.


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That difference, (better then new)  has a name and indeed has a pricetag : concours ( showroomcondition). Yours will be if you do the restoration with use and respect of all original specs. You even should not tune the engine, but matching engine and chassisnr are important.

One drawback : Ones You start driving it , it becomes very well restored, not showroom condition. Still worth a lot.


I do not want that. I love driving and using the car. I want it to be mecanically very well maintained and functioning. I also want all mecanics and interior and exterior to look at their best possible for their age.

So no sooty,dirty engine with rusty parts or rusty bolts in my enginebay.

I can live with the patina of original leather, but not thorn and discoloured,  It has to be properly redyed,maintained and good looking, not sloppy

Original rims, repainted and well maintained with good tyres ( not 15y old originals)

Paint not in super condition, but always clayed ,polished and carnauba waxed with the best products (swissvax)


I dont want to be afraid to use the car. I enjoy restoring it maintaining it, cleaning and waxing and take care of the leather, but also driving it at all time.

And it wont be worth 52000€ .

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That's a good question.  It certainly looks like it's been re-trimmed.

The price is £40,000.  It's a lot.  If it is absolutely mint and the interior is original, then I would have thought it was worth about £30,000.

If it was RHD and £30,000, then I would be seriously interested.  In my opinion it is the most desirable Esprit ever made in the best colour.



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On 12-1-2016 at 12:34, giorgio67 said:

S2.2 is the rarest Esprit ever made..:)

No its not...


its the Essex esprit, because they want to make 100, but there are only 47 build (also LHD incl.)

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