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Engine oil temperatures?

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I shall be replacing my engine oil coolers soon, however I have no idea what kind of engine oil temperatures are. The S4s doesn't have an oil temp gauge, so are there any S4 owners who can post up the kind of temperatures seen?

Driving hard they'll have an airflow across them, is the temperature under control? Around town and in stop/start conditions where airflow is diminished, but the engine isn't working as hard what kind of readings do you see then?

The reason for asking is my oil coolers don't have any fans on them, and I'm wondering whether it's worth fitting any while I have them out, and if the coolers are doing their job, then it saves me doing it.

Margate Exotics.

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He should have read the small print.

I don't remember the oil temp on my 1990 right now, but on driving or fast driving, there have never been a problem. Coming from driving at freeway speed to a prolonged halt at say a que, it will rise pretty much, though not in the area that my Corrado G60 displays which can be between 112-115 deg cel, but that car is also known to run hot on it's oil. The Esprit cools way better the oil in my view. With this in mind, I would only be interested in fans and a thermostat on the oil coolers, if I went beserk on a long mountain drive. I have never reached anywhere near red scale oil temp. on my Esprit SE.

It would be good though. Having looked close up at the alunox oil coolers, I prefer the two original Setrab oil coolers. For example because of the way the fins are shaped and generally I think surface area is better than depth. I will also prefer naked aluminium oil coolers over Black painted ones. Others may think differently, of course. I think they need two fans and a thermostat, and all future driving situations is taken care of, oil temp wise. I also do think there's a difference in oil temp depending on what oil you use. I have experimented a bit with this, and Apip oils for example, I find them running hotter than say Castrol. Shell and Castrol seems to be near the same, Castrol being the cooler. Same type and thickness. I am currently using Castrol Edge Ti, and very satisfied so far.

I just installed two new original Setrab oilcoolers on my SE, and found them running same temp as the previous set. All clean front and rear and no deposits inside. I find the metal tube running between the two oil coolers acting as a sort of minor extra oilcooler. Little bit like some powersteering cooler tubes.

I change my oil every 5000km or at least once per year. I never ever use flush oil or likewise products. I did flush my Esprit with new Castrol oil when I bought it, drained it, discarded it, and then fresh oil on the engine Again. I sometimes cut up hte original oilfilters to see if there's anything inside, but never find anything interesting.

Kind regards,


Nobody does it better - than Lotus ;)

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I can confirm the above. When driving at speed, the oil temperature will stay low (in mine the meter indicates around 60°C, not sure how accurate it is). On cold mornings with some traffic on the highway and speeds of around 50mph (instead of 80-90), the gauge indicates noticeably lower than normal, due to low engine loading but a good airflow to the coolers. When I take my exit and the speed drops, the temperature will rise with some delay. In traffic, it's usually after the fans have kicked in for the first time (I installed a tell-tale light together with the manual override switch) that the oil temperature really starts to rise. When stuck for a longer period of time, the oil temperature can reach 90-95°C (on the gauge), but doesn't seem to rise higher. I think at this point the engine coolant prevents further heating.

I was surprised to find an oil temperature readout in the tripcomputer of SWMBO's VW, even though it's a very basic model. It has no oil cooler, and when monitoring the oil temperature I found it to be rather low speeds, including traffic jams. When driven at speed (without really pushing) it keeps rising, even passing 100°C. Makes me wonder how the Esprit would react on a long stretch of deserted Autobahn. When doing the track day at Hethel, oil temperature stayed around 70°C, but as novices on a wet track we were far from going all out.


I have made many mistakes in my life. Buying a multiple Lotus is not one of them.


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I get the same readings as Filip - I've always thought the Esprit runs very cool in this regard. Only after prolonged idling in warm temperatures does it climb. 

Vanya Stanisavljevic '91 Esprit SE | '97 XK8

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I replaced the original sandwich plate (which is between the oilfilter and the auxilary housing) for one with a build in thermostat. In the original setup all oil is pumped through the oilcoolers at all times causing large variations in oil temperature and with cold(er) wheather my oil temperature took a very long time to reach 70 deg C (or even less) which is rather cold for the oil.


Esprit Freak

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In my 1990 Turbo SE / 32.500 mls. I read the same typical temperatures as Filipe (Escape) and Vanya......rather "cool" oil especially when driving in a moderate mode...

Infra-red temperature measuring of the (out) oil line close to the engineblock confirms these temperatures.......

wkr, Ruud

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