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What happened to the FYEO Evora?


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What ever happened to the For Your Eyes Only Evora? Anyone on here have it?....


I nearly bought it a few years ago but it ended up at Silvertone's and I've never seen it since. You'd think that TLF being the Mecca for Evora owners that someone interested enough to buy such a unique Lotus would be prevalent on here or at least Lotus events.

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16 minutes ago, Bravo73 said:

Was it paint or a wrap? If the latter, maybe it has been de-wrapped?

It was painted Bond Bronze with gold vinyl decals (can't remembered if these were clear coated though). The ski rack went with it to.

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Is Bond bronze an actual colour you can Special order still today? Now what about a 400 Targa in that?  Hmmmmmmm.

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A LEGS man and proud to declare it! Lotus Enthusiasts Group Scotland

Autocar's Best UK Drivers Car 2009. Car's Performance Car of the Year 2009; Evo's Car of the Year 2009. Top Gear Sports Car of the Year 2009

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